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Original Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet Books From 1980

Jo Kemp is a British author who lives in Dorset, UK, with her dogs Pearl, Seal and Ruby. She has over 30 chickens, two Indian runner ducks and a silly old goose who takes up a lot of her time when she is not writing books.

Literary works –  The first six books Jo ever published way back in 1980 were called the Boodle Books. This is how this website’s name came about.

These same original stories (adjacent image) feature in the Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet Book bedtime story collection.

Books to Buy & Stories To Read Online By Jo Kemp

Hourglass The Turning Book – Jo’s latest work Hourglass – The Turning’ is the first book of a trilogy set in a magical/fantasy series.

Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet –  The first Boodle Books appeared in the 1980s and were taken up by Thurman Publishing of ‘Mr Men’ fame who published six titles.  Boodle Books became the BoodleBobs and 2021 saw repackaged again with the release of Granny Annies Ultimate Alphabet Book containing all 26 stories.

Buy Magical Fantasy Book Hourglass The Turning By Jo Kemp

Hourglass The Turning

Release date 28th July 2021.
Hourglass The Turning By: Jo Kemp

Book one of a trilogy – A magical fantasy from the shores of the United Kingdom.  All truths lie in folklore.

Read Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet Book Stories Online By Jo Kemp

Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet

Release date 18th March 2021.
Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet By: Jo Kemp

A series of 26 children’s stories, one for every letter of the alphabet.  Read free online or buy in print.

Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book Stories Read Aloud By Author Jo Kemp

The British children’s author Jo Kemp is the voice of Granny Annie in her ultimate alphabet book collection.  These podcast stories are free to download as a MP3.