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BoodleBobs Privacy

This website and all content herein are owned by NF Digital LTD (herewith, for the purpose of this website, referred to as ‘BoodleBobs’). All content is the copyright of NF Digital Ltd and may not be reproduced, copied, extracted or used for any purpose other than for the purpose of viewing this website without prior written consent, subject to the limitations below.

Use of this site is provided to you free of charge on an ‘as is’ basis.  BoodleBobs’ is a free resource for children, parents and teachers.

You may download or print parts of this website, where access is given, for your personal, non-commercial use only.

Contacting Us

When you submit an enquiry to us, we will request specific details (including your name and email address) and, where you choose to provide it, other contact information, so that we can respond to your request.

Any other information requested is purely to assist us in making sure your enquiry is directed to the most relevant person. Copies of correspondence may be retained in order to provide a better service. We will not share your personal information with any other parties.

We can be contacted via this contact page

Third-party websites

The content of third party websites, which may from time to time be linked to, is not monitored by us and we accept no liability for the content of such sites.

Third-party Services

  • Google analytics
  • Google reviews

To enable us to share our Google reviews Data is collected for Google API Service OAuth purposes to enable the linking and embedding of our Google review pages into this site.

In compliance with Google’s standards, you can locate this API OAuth consent screen here

How do we use your data?

We will only use Personal Data on the basis of a legal ground:

  • If necessary to perform a contract with the Data Subject (e.g. our employees, contractors, clients, suppliers); or
    If required to comply with a legal obligation (e.g. when we need to satisfy our obligations as an employer); or
  • Where we have a legitimate business need or a legitimate business reason to use Personal Data as part of our business activities (e.g. when carrying out processing to better know our clients and send them promotional offers) ; or
  • Where we have obtained the Data Subject’s Informed Consent when it is specifically required by law or by the applicable policy. This may notably be the case where none of the other legal grounds described above is applicable and to the extent permitted under applicable law.

How do we store your data?

Our reviews application stores your data in Firebase, the Google cloud-hosted database. We store only the data that is absolutely necessary for our application to function in its entirety. Deleting some of this data will interrupt our application functionality. However, if you do not want us to store your data, you can send us your request to and we will seek help from Google to permanently delete it from the Apps database.

How do we share your data?

Your data is your own and is only required to enable our web apps functionality.  We will never transfer, sell, make copies, or share any of your data stored by the application to third-party services or companies unless strictly necessary to enable the application to function properly.

Accordingly, personal data will be disclosed to third parties on a strictly limited ‘need to know’ basis where there is clear justification for transferring Personal Data – either because the Data Subject has consented to the transfer, or because disclosure is required to perform a contract to which the Data Subject is a party, or for a legitimate purpose that does not infringe the Data Subject’s fundamental rights, including the right to privacy (e.g. sharing in the context of a merger and acquisition operation).

Other data we collect

We collect non-specific general data for user sessions for use in Google Analytics.