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#PopArtDoug E-commerce Store

Doug’s artwork spans a variety of decades and mediums, including paintings on canvas, paper and limited edition artist prints where he explores a wide range of themes and subjects.  His work often reflects a unique blend of realism and abstraction, inviting viewers into visually engaging characters.

In 2024 Doug’s son Luke (aka BoodleBobs) began to bring his designs into a #PopArtDoug print-on-demand which includes fashion and homeware items featuring his work.

#PopArtDoug Collections

Doug Kemp’s art is showcased not only through personal collections like ‘Heroes & Villains’, ‘Divorce‘, and ‘Dancing Times‘ but also through an organised catalogue by format and decade. This dual categorisation offers a unique lens into Doug’s evolving themes and styles, tracing a creative journey that began in the 1960s.

Through this structured approach, viewers can observe the themes and progression of Dougs’s work over time, revealing how his experiences and artistic explorations have shaped his portfolio.

This organisation invites a deeper appreciation of Doug’s art, highlighting the development of his distinctive styles and themes across different periods of his career.

#PopArtDoug Print-on-demand Products

We will be adding store functionality to the BoodleBobs website, to handle Ultimate Alphabet and Hourglass merchandise sales, it made sense to also include Doug’s work since the Printful integration into various systems and marketplaces such as WordPress, Amazon, Walmart and Etsy is fairly strait forward.

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Doug Togs – Pop Art T-shirts & clothing range. Tog’s is a term that is often used informally to refer to clothing, especially in certain English-speaking regions like Australia and New Zealand.

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Doug Lugs  – Pop Art bags and carryall accessories. The term lugs typically refers to handles, straps, or carrying elements on bags.  These designs are super and we are looking forward to completing this range

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Doug Mugs, where art meets your coffee or tea.  The designs on these mugs/drinkware originate from the work of British artist Doug Kempand part of the print-on-demand collection.

Examples Of Doug Kemps Art

Examples Of Doug Kemp’s Art.   This portfolio offers just a glimpse of the artist’s evolving vision and enduring style.

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#PopArtDoug Website

A remarkable six-decade career of Doug Kemp through nearly 500 artworks, organised for easy navigation by decade, format, and collection.

This Pop Art By Decade page on the Doug Kemp website serves as a gateway to a diverse portfolio, reflecting his evolution as an artist over the decades since the 1960s.

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Doug Kemp – Welcome Pops

Welcome Pops - Doug Kemp aka #PopArtDoug (Luke's Dad) has been added to the BoodleBobs website. 60 years of a dynamic, enduring and evolving style - Doug is very much in fashion.