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Free Audio Books Written & Read-aloud By Jo Kemp

Free audio books.  Bedtime stories written and read-aloud by Jo Kemp the original writer of TV series ‘Chorlton and the wheelies’ and ‘Jamie and the magic torch’. In total there is 26 BoodleBob books/podcast in the alphabet collection.  Fun stories for small and big kids. One for each letter of the alphabet.


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Listening to our free audio books can help kids build upon comprehension of narrative verse. The stories foster imagination and encourage visualization. Key skills linked to improved reading & comprehension.

The time spent with audio book children’s stories can have important educational benefits. With a podcast story, children hear models of fluent reading. That is, they hear an accurate reading of the text set at an appropriate pace, tone and expression.

It has been found that an audiobook has a positive impact on children’s oral reading and fluency. Audiobooks also allow children access to text that may be above their individual reading level, exposing them to more sophisticated vocabulary and sentence structure.

Children’s Audiobooks Free To Download

Our free audio books are available to download as (mp3) and as printable PDF’s.

Free audio books - Andre

Andre The Artistic Apron

This free audio book is a story all about Andre and yes, he’s an apron. Andre’s favourite colour was BRIGHT! – Bright blue, bright pink, bright anything – just so long as it was BRIGHT! But Andre wasn’t very bright.

“Why can’t I be like you?” he asked his colourful friend Timmy the tea-towel, “Then I’d get invited to parties like you do!” “But I’m always in the kitchen at parties,” replied Timmy glumly.

A is for Andre
Free audio books - Boris

Boris The Brainy Book

This free audio book is a story all about Boris and yes, he’s a book.  “You can ask Boris about anything,” said Malcolm “He can tell you why custard is yellow, why frogs are green and why milkshakes.

Boris knew the name of everything, the size of everything, where it was from – where it was going to – and how to say it in Latin.  He also knew the best jokes…

B is for Boris
Free audio books - Cameron

Cameron The Courageous Cabinet

This free audiobook is a story all about Cameron and yes, he’s a cabinet. Cameron had seen better days; better days than the days he now spent in the box room. It was like a box and full of boxes.

“See this scratch,” he said and Malcolm the moth looked up from his lunch – a large blue cardigan.“I got it in Burma…. Or was it Bermuda?”

C is for Cameron
Dorothy's free audio books

Dorothy The Dancing Doughnut

This free audio book is a story all about Dorothy and yes, she’s a doughnut.  Dorothy loved dancing. She knew the names of all the dances – the waltz, the tango, the foxtrot. She even knew the monster mash and the jive.

But she was a TERRIBLE dancer. It was because of her shape – and her shoes – and she couldn’t change her shape (and she certainly wasn’t going to change her shoes).“OOOOH OOOH… I love to dance!” she sang as she tripped and crashed around.  “I think you should give up dancing,” said Ivy, “You’re such a TERRIBLE dancer!”

D is for Dorothy
Online kids audiobook Eva The Energetic Eggtimer

Eva The Energetic Egg Timer

This free audio book is story all about Eva and yes, she’s an egg timer!

Because timing eggs only takes minutes, Eva had a lot of time on her hands. It gave her time to think so she thought a lot about chocolate.

Bars of chocolate, boxes of chocolates, chocolate biscuits, chocolate cake, anything so long as it was chocolate. But there had to be more to life than chocolate?

Just then, Freddie scratched his nose and this gave Eva an idea. “I wonder how many times he does that in a minute?”

E is for Eva
Online Free audio books

Frank the Forgetful Frisbee

This free audio book is a story all about Frank and yes, he’s a frisbee. “Now where was I and come to think of it… Who am I?”

Frank was ALWAYS forgetting who and what he was? All he could remember was he had no fear of flying… He often felt dizzy… And was always very forgetful.

“WHEEEE!!” he whistled as he whistled up the hall.“WHOOOOOOOOSHHHH!” he whooshed as he swooped out into the garden.

“I just love being a…….?” “…..being a what?”

F is for Frank
Free audio books - Glenda the Gregarious Gherkin

Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin. 

This free audio book is all about Glenda and yes, she’s a gherkin.

A gherkin is a kind of cucumber who likes a jar and is usually pickled; Glenda was one such gherkin. Fun, funny and highly sociable.

In other words, she was GREGARIOUS (GREE-GAIR-RE-OSS is how you say it). She had a reason to climb out of her jar every morning and that reason was to meet more FRIENDS!

“Come on girls,” she’d say to her sisters, “It’s far too nice to be stood up in bed all day” But her sisters just pressed their noses to the jar and yawned.

G is for Glenda
Free audio books - Harry

Harry the Higgledy-Piggledy Hosepipe

This free audio book is a story is all about Harry and yes, he’s a hosepipe.

It’s not easy being a hosepipe. You’re under a lot of pressure and when you’re not, you feel all floppy and listless.

You’re also tied – fixed to a tap – so you can’t just go wandering off on your own. If you reach the end of your tether, then that’s where you’ll be. At the end of your tether.

But Harry was a very LONG hosepipe. In fact, he was so long, he didn’t even know where the tap was or even if it was in the same country. For all, he knew it could be as far away as Madagascar.

H is for Harry
Free audio books -Ida

Ida the Incredible Ironing Board

This online kids book is all about Ida and yes, she’s an Ironing Board.  Ida lived in the cupboard under the stairs and didn’t like going out much because wherever she walked, everyone stared…


“But nevertheless…you should get out more,” advised Ivy the iron and Ida had to admit she did get rather bored…. 

…bored stiff.  “Ironing board stiff!” and she laughed at her own little joke.

So, when no one was around, Ida ventured into the hall. She tried a few steps but her legs just folded beneath her.  

I is for Ida
Free audio books - Josie

Josie the Jolly Jam Jar

This free audio book is a story all about Josie and yes, she’s a jam jar. Josie wasn’t sure if she was strawberry jam, raspberry jam or even a traffic jam. All she really cared about was being jolly and having a jolly good time.

She was always humming and whistling – especially whistling – and she liked listening to the birds who were pretty good at whistling too.

“Hi Josie, tweet-tweet,” said little Jenny Wren, “Isn’t it a beautiful day.”

“It jolly well is,” agreed Josie, and set off for a jolly good walk around the garden.

J is for Josie
Free audio books - Katy

Katie the Karate Kicking Kettle

New story out soon

Free audio books - Lucy

Lucy the Luminous Lamp

New story out soon

Free audio books - Morris

Morris the Messy Mop

This free audio book is a story is all about Morris and yes, he’s a mop.

There was nothing Morris liked more than sticking his head in a bucket of water then sloshing it all over the floor. He had a great big mop-head that sloshed lots of water and as a result, he made a terrible, terrible mess.

“This floor needs mopping,” he said. It didn’t… but try telling Morris that as he dashed to the cupboard – the WRONG cupboard – and pulled out a big bag of flour.

Flour? Not soap powder??

“Whoops! Silly me!” he said, realising his mistake but then went and dropped it and it spilt all over the floor.

M is for Morris
Free audio books - Nigel

Nigel the Niggly Napkin

This free audio book is a story all about Nigel and yes, he’s a napkin.

Is it a bird?” Is it a bee? No, it was Nigel turning himself into a bird or a bee because – being a napkin – he could fold himself into any shape he liked.

And it always had to be ‘just so’ for Nigel. Perfectly straight lines and sharp creases, which made him irritatingly…. NIGGLY.

“Origami (pronounced O-RI-GA-MI) is an art form,” he boasted. “Shape or size is never a problem” he continued becoming a pyramid then changing his mind and becoming a lampshade.

But that was a mistake because along came Malcolm who was VERY attracted to lampshades and Nigel (currently a lampshade) was VERY afraid of moths!

N is for Nigel
Free audio books - Ollie

Ollie the off-hand Ostrich

New story out soon

Free audio books - Percy

Percy The Peeping Pot Plant

This free audio book is a story all about Percy and yes, he’s a pot plant.

Percy sat on the window ledge looking out of the window. He did this day after day after day and as a result, he became very bored.

“It’s so QUIET in here,” he said. You could hear a pin drop, a fly sneeze and a mouse snore.

“Why don’t you take an interest in your surroundings,” suggested Boris the book so Percy did – or at least he tried – and this is when Percy started peeping.

He peeped under the sofa and found an old sandwich.

He peeped under the mat and found a letter marked ‘Urgent’.

He peeped under the chair but didn’t like what stared back at him.

“I wonder what the rest of the house is like?” he thought but he had a problem. He could only just reach the door. The door and not an inch more.

P is for Percy
Free audio books - Queenie

Queenie The Quivering Quilt

This story all about Queenie and yes, she’s a quilt.

Queenie was a quilt who spent most of her time resting. On the whole, she was happy except for her one big problem.

A quilt should be fat and warm and snugly but Queenie wasn’t. She was cold and thin and quivery.  “Nothing I do seems to make me any fatter,” she complained to her friend Alice.

“Why don’t you try eating something?” suggested Alice.  “Eating? Eating what?”

“I don’t know,” said Alice sounding helpless, “Try a few things.”

Queenie thought it was worth a try and in the corner of the room, she saw an old pram. “I could try eating that,” she said and without much more ado, she swallowed it.  Wheels and all.

Q is for Queenie
Free audio books - Raj

Raj The Rambling Radiator

This free audio book is a story is all about Raj. And yes, he’s a radiator.  “Bring me damp towels!” he called from across the hall, “Bring me wet washing and socks!”

Anything that was cold.. or damp… or just plain soaking wet.. loved Raj. And there was always room for one more on top.

Timmy – his friend – had been hanging out on the line and had got frozen. “I think..…… I think…I’m getting AH…AH… ATISHOO……..A cold.” He sneezed.

“Come and sit on my head while I find you some honey for your cold,” said Raj kindly. And with Timmy on his head, they went into the garden.

“I need some honey,” he called. And Big Fat Bee came and landed beside him.

“Follow me,” said Big Fat Bee and led Raj towards the rhododendron bush. (ROW-DOW-DEN-DRUN is how you say it.)

R is for Raj
Online kids audiobook Frank

Samuel The Sliding Sausage

This free audiobook is story all about Samuel and yes, he’s a sausage.

Samuel sat on the breakfast plate with his pals Braden the bacon, Ernie the egg, Fred the fried bread the twin’s Tom and Tammie the tomatoes. “What did the bacon say to the egg,” asked Fred who was always telling jokes.

No-one knew. “Lean over and tell us a yoke…!”

“Oh, lean like in bacon and yoke like joke,” laughed Samuel and he laughed so much he fell off the plate. And bounced a few times on the floor.

“Oh dear,” everyone chorused, “Come on Samuel, get back up here.” “How?” wailed Samuel.

“Bounce!” they all replied so Samuel tried. BOING! BOING! BOING! He bounced and went high in the air…

And landed head-first in the butter. SQUELCHH!

S is for Samuel
Online kids audiobook Frank

Terence the Terrible Tap

This free audio book is a story all about Terence and yes, he’s a tap.

Terence lived very happily with his sister Tessa at one end of the bath but as there wasn’t much to do, he liked getting up to mischief.

Once, he set the world record for dripping and gave Bernard the bath a world-record headache.

He froze in the middle of summer (well, that’s what he said he did) and once he ran dry when everywhere else was flooded.

“Let’s have a pirate adventure!” he suggested.

“How can we?” sighed Bernard knowing that Terence’s ideas usually meant trouble.

“Easy!” said Terence, “We can all be pirates, and you can be the sea!”

And with that he put Bernard’s plug in, turned himself smartly to the right and emptied in a whole packet of bath salts.

T is for Terence
Online kids audiobook Eva The Energetic Eggtimer

Una the Up-turned Umbrella

New story out soon

Free audio books - Eva The Energetic Egg timer

Vera The Voracious Vacuum

This free audio book is all about Vera and yes, she’s a vacuum cleaner.

“Look out! Stand back! Vera’s on a mission!!”

That’s the cry that went up as soon as the VROOOOOMMM sound was heard charging up the hall.

Vera had a voracious (VOR-RAY-SHUSH is how you say it), a voracious appetite for cleaning – for hoovering everything up – meaning that nothing in her path was safe.

“She can’t get me!” boasted Benny the book worm from up on the ceiling.

But quick as a flash, out came an attachment and Benny got sucked up her hose.

“You can’t do that!” spluttered Boris the book clutching his jacket taking refuge in the back of the bookcase. “Free Benny!” he called but Vera didn’t hear him. She didn’t hear anything and had already gone in search of more things to devour.

V is for Vera
Online kids audiobook Frank

Wally The Wobbling Wellington 

This free audio book is a story is all about Wally and yes, he’s a wellington.

Wally was a wellington. A bright yellow wellington (well, he was when he was clean) who had a brother called Willy.

Willy was always clean, sensible and in the proper place whereas Wally wasn’t. He was always the wellington that was lost, or muddy. Or wobbly.

“Try and smarten yourself up,” said Willy, “Wobbling about all over the place is very untidy.”

Wally sighed. He found standing still very difficult because the tufty mat in the hall tickled him. The floor with its mirror polish shine tickled him. Everything tickled him but….

….that was nothing compared to THE SOCKS! “Oh no!” gasped Wally as the SOCKS came running. They were the big fluffy striped ones and Wally knew they were terribly, terribly ticklish.  Just seeing them was enough to set him off.

W is for Wally
Online kids audiobook Frank

Xavier the Xenophobic Xylophone 

New story out soon

Online kids audiobook Frank

Yosef The Yearning Yucca

This audiobook is all about Yosef and yes, he’s a yucca plant.  New story out soon.

Online kids audiobook Frank

Zac The Zealous Zucchini

This bedtime story all about Zac and yes, he’s a zucchini. But what on earth IS a zucchini?

A ZOO-KHEE-NEE is how you say it, but that doesn’t tell you what it is? Well, Zac was one and he loved anything Italian…

“Mama Mia!” he gushed tossing his head, shaking the enormous flower that grew out of it.

“I am pure THEATRE” “I am an actor!” he said dramatically taking long green strides around the kitchen. “From the famous ZOO-KHEE-NEE family.

“No you’re not,” muttered Eva, “You’re a glorified courgette; one step away from a marrow.” “A marrow!’ gasped Zac feigning a swoon, ‘Why, the very idea!”

But he’d show them what a good actor he was although firstly, he needed an AUDIENCE and it seemed everyone was too busy. However, someone was watching…

… a large fly on the wall. “We’ll watch anything!” said Freddie.

Z is for Zac




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