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Book Podcast, Vera the Voracious Vacuum

This book podcast is all about Vera and yes, she’s a Vera a vacuum cleaner


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Online kids books – Vera the voracious vacuum. This is a story all about Vera and yes, she’s a vacuum cleaner.
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V is for Vera

Voracious… VOR-RAY-SHUSH. What a fantastic word to use, especially if you’re under eight years old! It means ‘wanting or devouring’ great quantities of food so if you have a voracious appetite, for example, it means you’re starving hungry!

Vera has a voracious appetite for cleaning. Nothing in her path is safe. VROOOOOOOOM she goes as she trundles along stopping at nothing – Benny, Freddie, Crankworth the House-Mites but the big question is…. Can she eat an elephant?

Vera name meaning: Vera is a Russian name and means “Truth or Faith” Vera Wikipedia


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Online Kids Audiobooks - Vera the voracious vacuum

Vera The Voracious Vacuum

Book podcast all about Vera and yes she’s a vacuum cleaner.

V is for Vera
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Z is for Zac




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