Bringing to the screen a series of 26 stories called the BoodleBobs, which were originally published in the crazy '80s.  Support for the BoodleBobs on Patreon.  THIS PAGE IS LIVE ON PATREON

 Our animation consists

  • STORIES (Children 3yrs to 9yrs) - All stories will be available as free downloads in multiple languages 


  • SKETCHES (8yrs and up) - Comedy sketches, announcements, reviews. Sketches for us an opportunity to engage with the community, collaborate, explore interesting topics and develop characters further.


  • SONGS (All) - Following Roger's decision to break up the BoodleBob band and his threat to follow a solo career with an independent label, we have reluctantly agreed to his terms of producing music mostly for adults.

Are songs are the perfect vehicle to promote the BoodleBobs and have a lot more lined up and in production.

Back us for our next project. Invisible ft Dorothy.  The follow up song to Rogers #PLIM Perfect Love Is Me

Roger is now doing dedications -  Check out our Patrons packages.

The first set of Boodle Books was originally published in 1980 and is now receiving an animation video facelift for social media. 


(Surviving originals)

The stories are written and narrated by Jo Kemp, who also wrote the cult fist series of ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’ and  'Chorlton and the Wheelies’. Jo also produced over 100 episodes of ’The Raggy Dolls’.

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Full list of stories 

Book Testimonial - Danielle Bruckert -
Thank you! I am amazed at your collection and your willingness to make them free. I just read the first two and the whole story, and I am honored to have such a collection of great quality work, please send my regards and thanks to the author for all her wonderful work and her philanthropy. Danielle

The stories are the backbone of our content, but as we complete more of the book conversions to video, these will form the basis of long-form modular content.  Sketches will be used along with live feed animation to produce a weekly show consisting of stories, songs, QnA, travel-blog, how too and sketches.  They work really well in joining the content together.

Our sketches are targeted at an older audience (yet remaining family-friendly).  And allows us to have fun, promote and develop/introduce new characters.

Over the Christmas period, we decided to use Turkey as our promotional mouthpiece to gain us, Subscribers.  In short, he had to hit 1000 subs or he was invited to Christmas lunch.   Here is the final video in this set of 6 Turkey shorts. 

Is traditional storytelling dead in the water?  Children’s author Jo Kemp believes not. When she wrote the original scripts for Chorlton and the Wheelies and Jamie and the Magic Torch in the late 70’s she adopted a gentle, narrative style with little regard for political correctness and both series attracted a cult following. 

She continued in this style when she wrote Boodle Books published by Thurman who was responsible for Mr Men.

Fast and furious programs then took the market and the more traditional approach to storytelling took a back seat other than timeless classics and well-marketed formulaic concepts but there was a need for something different.

Boodle Books had a temporary reprise when they were re-launched as Hoo Ha House but the time and circumstances still weren’t right. Together with the Writers’ Guild, Jo reclaimed the rights along with some 23,000 residual books which she distributed at her own cost-free of charge to local schools, hospitals, and Barnados.

At her son Luke’s insistence, due to his belief in the stories he’d grown up with, he convinced Jo not to leave it there and that the best vehicle to get the stories out would be via Social Media.

The Internet was a viable option for raising capital and so rather than suffer the loss of editorial control they had the combined knowledge and expertise to produce/market the project themselves.

Luke directs and animates, Jo found a new vocation as VoiceOver and we have teamed up with a musician called Roger.

BoodleBobs, with ninety or more characters, will also appear in a line-up of songs across the 26 stories. It’s all original content that isn’t dumbed down and is written to also appeal to adults.

After all the noise there’s a growing demand for quiet, one-to-one traditional storytelling that extols these old-fashioned values while embracing new media.