Optimised video for Bedtime Stories

YouTube optimised video for bedtime stories
Compilation Test

Bedtime Stories

Experementing with keywords and optermising content for discoveribility on youtube.  We wanted to see the effects of keywords and their increased value when extending the video & watch time duration.  The easyest way to acheive this was by creating a mini compilation of two stories and a song.    Even trebbling the duration of the video we found that the we retained an average of 53% watch time from all views.   This video has been viewed over 30,000 times.


Free Bedtime Stories

The first set of Boodle Books were originally published in 1980, and have now received an animation video facelift for social media.  Roger first made an appearance in our Dorothy story and he has taken on a life of his own ever since.   BoodleBobs are made up from a series of 26 Free Kids Books which will be available for free download in English and other languages too. 

BoodleBobs are a Family Friendly Channel of #OC We make stories for kids, comedy sketches (for older audiences) & songs for people of any age.  Our next song can be found with the #PLIM hashtag.  (We are curious to see if we can make it trend?) 





The challenges of getting noticed in an over saturated market led us to the following conclusion.

YouTube likes to see viewers engaged on the platform and watch time is a key factor in gaining ranking.

As a result of our observations, when we reach critical mass in terms of the number of stories, sketches and songs we have available, they will form the backbone of a weekly show.