Turkey Fact Gullible Oranges

If you say.....
Turkey - Oranges

Written by Luke & Roger

Turkey Oranges is plagiarised from a joke Luke received from a friend. The summer was ending and we wanted to introduce a character suitable for 'Thanks Giving & Christmas'

The turkey sketches were made in an effort to increase our YouTube subscribers, unfortunately we missed a thanks giving release for the Turkey Song, so we adapted him in to a promotional Christmas campaign leading to the song being released.

Turkey is a seasonal character and has been adapted/incorporated as a BoodleBob story/book spin off series of sketches.


BoodleBobs Free Kids Books

The first set of Boodle Books were originally published in 1980, and have now received an animation video facelift for social media.

Twenty Six Free Kids Books are being drafted all of which will be available for free download in English and other languages too. 

BoodleBobs are a Family Friendly Channel of #OC We make stories for kids, comedy sketches (for older audiences) & songs for people of any age.  Our next song can be found with the #PLIM hashtag.  (We are curious to see if we can make it trend?) 



This is Episode number 1 of 6 where we introduce our seasonal character 'The Turkey'.  His purpose was promote the channel with a view to gaining 1000 subscribers.   

Failior to achieve this means only one thing!  An invitation to Christmas dinner, as the lunch.  Your subscriptions decided his fate in a 6th and final video released on Christmas Eve 2018.

View all six 'Turkey' sketches in a single YouTube playlist HERE