Raj Push the button, asking for youtube subscribers

BoodleBobs raj
Push the button - Raj

Written by Luke & Jo

Our Problem:  Growing a Children's channel when little hands can't subscribe.

The Solution:   We digested all the videos from @Video Creators @Brian Dean @Nick Nimmin @David Walsh Online @Think Media and followed a bit of everyones best practices guide.

How Ask for Subscribers 2019 Press It Don't Iron It!

These short animations are being inserted in to the end of our  stories/videos.  Thanks to tips and insights all the guys listed above,  despite being in a very over saturated market we are beginning to grow at an improved rate.  

Optimised video ending, Raj the Radiator | BoodleBobs. Make sure you Ask for Subscribers in 2019 

These inserts are great fun to make and are light hearted in approaching the subject of asking for subscribers.  The sound recordings for the scenarios are unscripted and we try to form some sort of character interaction with the subscribe button.  As such I felt they warranted being uploaded as individual animated shorts.

Our 'How to Ask For YouTube Subscribers Playlist' with other examples can be found here.

BoodleBobs Free Kids Books

The first set of Boodle Books were originally published in 1980, and have now received an animation video facelift for social media.

Twenty Six Free Kids Books are being drafted all of which will be available for free download in English and other languages too. 

BoodleBobs are a Family Friendly Channel of #OC We make stories for kids, comedy sketches (for older audiences) & songs for people of any age.  Our next song can be found with the #PLIM hashtag.  (We are curious to see if we can make it trend?) 



With a view to turning our content modular we added a range of new endings to our existing videos.  We needed to update the branding anyway.   In each scenario a featured character interacts with the YT subscribe button which is overlayed on the player window.  

View all of these short films in a YouTube playlist HERE