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NoodleBobs Jump Song Roger #PLIM

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The BoodleBob Band

Jump Song 2019 for YouTube Kids and other music lovers.. BoodleBobs is a channel for children's stories, sketches (family-friendly) for a slightly older audience and songs & music for all ages.

This is the second version of the Jump song video, where we incorporated a new start and end.

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Free Kids Books

The first set of Boodle Books were originally published in 1980, and have now received an animation video facelift for social media.  Roger first made an appearance in our Dorothy story and he has taken on a life of his own ever since.   BoodleBobs are made up from a series of 26 Free Kids Books which will be available for free download in English and other languages too. 

BoodleBobs are a Family Friendly Channel of #OC We make stories for kids, comedy sketches (for older audiences) & songs for people of any age.  Our next song can be found with the #PLIM hashtag.  (We are curious to see if we can make it trend?) 


The Band

#BoodleBobs #Jumpsong 



Our 'Would be' pop star Roger, has NPD. (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

Roger will walk over any one for his moment in the spotlight.

View all of Roger's contributions in a single YouTube playlist HERE

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