Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet Story Downloads

Download Granny Annies Ultimate Alphabet Book Stories

Granny Annies Ultimate Alphabet Book PDF & MP3 Stories.  Free to download.

Download Grannie Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Stories

A to Z of Grannie Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book’ Individual Kids Storybooks To Download For Free.

 Translations:  Because it is not possible to offer a word for word translation, artistic licence was given to our translators.

Words and names may have been changed but the essence of the story remains the same.

Download Grannie Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet PDF Storybooks Online

Online storybooks for kids to download (G to I)  Glenda, Harry Ida, Josie and Katie

Download Grannie Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet PDF Stories For Bedtime

Stories for bedtime from Granny Annie (M to U)  Morris, Nigel, Ollie, Percy, Queenie and Una

Stories Story Grannie Annie Collection

Stories story Grannie Annie collection to download (S To Z ) Samuel, Terence, Una, Vera, Wally, Xavier and Zac

Grannie Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book

“WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF BIG WORDS and playfully encourage their usage”.

Grannie Annie's Ultimate Alphabet Book

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Granny Annie

For her stories Grannie Annie is also mindful of the readers; the adults who are often called upon to read the stories many times over.

So that everyone can enjoy the reading experience, the stories are funny and intriguing with humour for children to relate to as well as some more obscure references for the adults.

A story for every letter of the English alphabet is catered for (X, Y and Z were more challenging) creating lasting, lovable personalities in situations that young people can relate to in their everyday lives.

Accessibility for all: Individual stories are easily accessible to all, free to download here on the BoodleBobs website.

Our goal is to complete the story translation of the entire ‘Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book’ (26 stories) from English into Hindi, Mandarin, Arabic & Spanish. (Creating 130 stories in total)

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Hourglass Book Series

Jo Kemp (Granny Annie writer & voice) new sci-fi book.

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Downloads & Translations

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Downloads & Translations

Music For Kids

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Jump Song For Kids

The jump song was our first cartoon song.

Jump Song mp3 Download
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Turkey Song

Thanksgiving & Christmas turkey songs.

Turkey Song mp3 Download
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Thanksgiving Turkey Song

Thanksgiving turkey song.

Turkey Song mp3 Download

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‘Perfect Love’ – Available here free, for a limited time only.

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Roger often says that if you were to look in a dictionary for ‘Legend’, it says ‘Roger!’

With his feelings of grandiosity and his desire for success and power, he has agreed to share his music here for a limited time only. He might however want something back in return.

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Perfect Love Is Me Country & Western
Country & Western

Perfect Love Is Me Song Hindi Version

Perfect Love Is Me Song Official

Perfect Love Is Me Song Spanish Version

Perfect Love Is Me Song Classical Music Version

There are five versions of this song.

  • Country & Western
  • Spanish
  • Hindi
  • Instrumental

A Big Thankyou To Our Translators

A big thank you to all our translators.  From these YouTube translations, we already have CC (Closed Captions / Subtitles) on the video which we can export to generate a new version of a book.  Translators will get the kudos, they deserve.  And will be credited as follows.  1. Credited in the new [language] book version. 2. Credited here with a permanent backlink to your site or social profile.

Mona - Hindi Translations of BoodleBobs Book

Hindi Translations: Mona Soorma.

As well as translating the children’s stories, Mona can also be credited with translating the stories directly on youtube and the entire BoodleBobs website.

Without her dedication and attention to detail, the Hindi version of this site would not have been possible.  She is a legend

Mona writes her own poetry and blog under the name of Manic Sylph, which is an air-fairy, an intangible wisp who loves to plant stars in everyone’s night sky.

Zeina Spanish Book Translations

Spanish Translations: Zeina Bárzaga

Zeina is a pharmasist and lives in Camagüey, Cuba