Online Kids Book Pdf Download - Vera The Voracious Vacuum - Granny Annie
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Online Kids Book Pdf Download - Vera The Voracious Vacuum

Download PDF of Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet Book. This online kids book pdf download is for the letter V, as in Vera the Voracious Vacuum - BoodleBobs downloads.

Voracious… VOR-RAY-SHUSH. What a fantastic word to use especially if you’re under eight years old!

In this story it means wanting or devouring great quantities so, for example, if you have a VOR-RAY-SHUSH appetite it just means you’re capable of eating loads!

Vera has a VOR-RAY-SHUSH appetite for cleaning. Nothing in her path is safe as VROOOOOOOOM!! she dashes around stopping at nothing.

She hoovers up Benny, Freddie and the House-Mites to name but a few but the big question is….can she manage an elephant?

Name meaning: Vera is a Russian name and means “Truth or Faith”  Vera Wikipedia

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