Audiobook Story for Kids MP3 Download Yousef the Yearning Yucca Granny Annie Story
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Mp3 Audiobook Story for Kids Download Yousef the Yearning Yucca

Download Mp3 Audiobook Story for Kids - Yousef the Yearning Yucca - 'Grannie Annie Ultimate Alphabet Book' read-aloud by author Jo Kemp.

Background - Yousef yearns for friendship. Not just someone to talk to but someone to play-fight with, to sit next to and to hug. We all need hugs – either to give or receive them – but Yousef can’t do this because his leaves are just too spiky.

“Look… I DO like you,” explained Percy, “But I can’t get close to you. You’re just too spiky.”

Name meaning: Yousef means in piety, power and influence Yosef’s name meaning on Wikipedia

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