Kids Books Online Pdf Download Ida The Incredible Ironing Board Granny Annie
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Kids Books Online PDF Download Ida the Incredible Ironing Board

PDF Download of a 'Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet' online kids book, I is for Ida the Incredible Ironing Board by Jo Kemp.

Ironing boards are a pretty strange shape. They have legs that fold up under a long, flat board and as research has proved, they’re not terribly good at walking. Ida is no exception “…and I don’t like it when anyone stares!” she says in her story.

But when Ida thinks someone is in trouble, she forgets all about being awkward and is the first to arrive at the top of the stairs…

Name Meaning: Ida  –  A female name from a Germanic word id, meaning “labour or work”. Alternately, it may be related to the name of the Old Norse goddess Iðunn. Ida name on Wikipedia

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