Kids Audiobooks Free Mp3 Download - S is for Samuel The Sliding Sausage - Grannie Annie
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Kids Audiobooks Free MP3 Downloads - Samuel the Sliding Sausage

Download Mp3 kids audiobooks free - Samuel the Sliding Sausage - A story from 'Grannie Annie Ultimate Alphabet Book' read-aloud by author Jo Kemp.

About - Samuel is with his friends who are telling jokes. Samuel laughs and laughs so much that he falls off the plate and lands on the floor…BOING BOING!

Sam then tries bouncing to get back up but can’t quite manage it just as a Crankworth the cat strolls in and looks greedily at poor helpless Samuel. Luckily, his friends come to the rescue but when he gets stuck in the teapot’s spout, he encounters another problem.

Samuel's name means. Samuel is a male given name and a surname of Hebrew origin meaning either “name of God” or “God heard”. Samuel’s name meaning on Wikipedia

Read-along Online - Samuel The Sliding Sausage

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