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Free Children’s Audiobooks Download - Xavier Xylophone MP3

Download Mp3 children's audiobook - Xavier the Xenophobic Xylophone - 'Grannie Annie Ultimate Alphabet Book' read-aloud by author Jo Kemp.

Background - It’s a good job there’s such a thing as a xylophone (ZZZ-EYE-LOW–FONE) otherwise we’d be pretty stuck for an X character! Xavier is a great name too (say it in two parts X-AVIER) and now get ready for the big one…

The word xenophobic. (ZEN-O-FO-BIC) is how you say it and it’s a grown-up word that isn’t very nice. It actually means ‘being frightened of the new friends you haven’t met yet’ and that’s a very silly way to be.

Xavier is frightened of anything that is new or different to him, so he hides in his box. This is such a shame because he makes such beautiful music and it’s only when he overcomes his fears...

Xavier's name meaning: Xavier is a boy’s name of Arabic (Basque) origin meaning ‘new house or bright’ Xavier wikipedia

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