Children’s Books PDF Download Xavier the Xenophobic Xylophone
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Children’s Books PDF Download Xavier the Xenophobic Xylophone

Download PDF of Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet Book. This free children’s book pdf is for the letter X, as in Xavier the Xenophobic Xylophone - BoodleBobs downloads.

It’s a good job there’s such a thing as a xylophone (ZZZ-EYE-LOW–FONE) otherwise we’d be pretty stuck for an X character! Xavier is a great name too (say it in two parts X-AVIER) and now get ready for the big one…

Xenophobic. (ZEN-O-FO-BIC) is how you say it and it’s a grown-up word that isn’t very nice. It actually means ‘being frightened of the new friends you haven’t met yet’ and that’s a very silly way to be.

Xavier is frightened of anything new or different to him, so he hides in his box. This is such a shame because he makes such beautiful music and it’s only when he overcomes his fears that he realises how daft he’s been.

Name meaning: Xavier is a boy’s name of Arabic (Basque) origin meaning ‘new house or bright’ Xavier wikipedia

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