Children Story Podcast MP3 Download Harry The Higgledy Piggledy Hosepipe Granny Annie
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MP3 Children Story Podcast Download H Is For Harry

MP3 children's story podcast download of a 'Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet' children's story, H Is For Harry the Higgledy-Piggledy Hosepipe by Jo Kemp

Background - It’s not easy being a hosepipe. Most of the time you’re under a lot of pressure and when you’re not, you feel all floppy and listless. You’re also tied – fixed to a tap – so you can’t just go wandering off on your own. If you reach the end of your tether, then that’s where you’ll be. At the end of your tether.

Harry's Name Meaning: Harry (short for Henry). The meaning of this name comes from Germany Haima – ‘home’ and ‘Rīk – ‘ruler’). So Harry’s name means home ruler. Harry  on Wikipedia

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