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Cameron The Courageous Cabinet MP3 Audiobook Download

MP3 Audiobook download of a 'Granny Annie's Ultimate Alphabet C Is For Cameron'

This short story was written and read aloud by Jo Kemp

Background - Cameron is akin to a favourite uncle or adopted relative who’s strictly old school. He’s a confirmed bachelor (at least in spirit) who tells tall stories about far-away places most of which have been gleaned from National Geographic and/or military autobiographies rather than actual first-hand experience.

He’s a great storyteller and can always be found clutching a glass in need of a re-fill. Being ‘of the military’ army protocol is his protocol too but it’s nice to know that underneath it all, Cameron has a kind heart and is essentially a big kid.

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Cameron's name means. Cameron is a unisex given name from the English language. The name originates from the Scottish surname Cameron. In the Scottish Highlands, the surname is thought to be derived from a Gaelic word, meaning ‘crooked nose’ or ‘crooked river’ Cameron name meaning on Wikipedia

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