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Boris The Brainy Book MP3 Audibook

MP3 Audiobook podcast download of Boris The Brainy Book children's story part of 'Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet Book'   by Jo Kemp

Background - Boris started out as ‘Boris the Boring Book’ but as NO BOOK IS EVER BORING (except maybe a telephone directory?) the description wasn’t appropriate. BORIS THE BRAINY BOOK was much better and was entirely appropriate because Boris really is very brainy (fact). Read the story and you’ll see why.

Have you ever been asked how long a piece of string is? Have you ever been asked why milkshakes? Well, Boris was asked with these questions and more questions besides. He could provide the answers and made sure his brother in Ontario was in the know too.

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Boris name meaning: Boris is a boy’s name of Slovak origin meaning one who battles Boris name on Wikipedia


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