Audiobook Mp3 Download Andre Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet Book Read-aloud By Author Jo Kemp
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Andre The Artistic Apron MP3 Audiobook Download

MP3 Audiobook download of a 'Granny Annie's A is for Andre'

This story was written and read aloud by Jo Kemp

Background - The whole point of ANDRE’s story is that it doesn’t really matter how you appear on the outside, it’s what’s on the INSIDE that matters.

Andre just thinks he’s just a bit of a plain boring apron but in truth, he’s a very colourful character indeed. Too often people are swayed by the bright and shiny – the pretty ones – but the real gems are those who perhaps make a little less noise about it.

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The name Andre is the French form of the name Andrew and is now also used in the English-speaking world. It’s a variation of the Greek-derived name Andr meaning ‘man or warrior’ Andre on Wikipedia


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