Graphic Design Services: Bring Your Brand to Life

In the vibrant world of digital marketing, visual elements play a crucial role in defining a brand’s identity and message.  We offer innovative graphic and character design solutions that help your brand stand out.

Character Design: Vector Graphics, Adobe Creative Suite & AI

Our services include branding, logo creation, and the design of various marketing materials, each crafted with a focus on creativity and precision to ensure that every design uniquely reflects your brand’s essence. Some of the tools we use…

Our design process leverages the powerful capabilities of Adobe Creative Suite and Illustrator, specialising in the creation of vector graphics. Unlike raster (or bitmap) images, which are made up of pixels and can lose clarity when scaled, vector graphics are composed of paths or lines that are mathematically drawn and calculated.

This means that vector graphics are scalable to any size without losing quality, making them ideal for everything from tiny icons to huge billboards. Their scalability, combined with their lightweight file size, makes them perfect for a wide range of applications, including web design, printed materials, and branding assets.

Custom Logo and Character Design for Unique Branding

Our expertise in logo and character design allows us to create distinctive visuals that capture your brand’s personality. Whether it’s a sleek, modern logo or a whimsical character representing your brand, our designs are tailored to convey your brand’s story and ethos effectively.

Using Illustrator, we craft these designs with precision and flexibility, ensuring they are adaptable for various uses while maintaining their visual impact.

Comprehensive Design Services for Print and Digital Media

At BoodleBobs / SEO-Hampshire, we offer a wide range of design services tailored to meet all your branding and marketing needs. Our expertise extends beyond character and graphic design to include the creation of brochures, print-on-demand designs, and various types of promotional literature.

Using the latest tools in Adobe Creative Suite, we ensure each design is not only visually striking but also effectively communicates your brand message.

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Luke Kemp, is a versatile web developer, SEO and content creator who when not working with clients continues to develop digital output and integrate the services of his own websites.

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Brochure Design: Your Story, Our Canvas

A well-designed brochure is a powerful tool for storytelling and marketing. We specialise in creating brochures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also strategically structured to convey your message clearly and persuasively.

Whether you need a tri-fold brochure for a trade show, a digital brochure for online distribution, or an extensive catalogue, our designs are tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

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Print-on-Demand Designs: Versatility Meets Quality

In the dynamic world of print-on-demand, versatility and quality are key. We now create #PopArtDoug designs that are adaptable to various Printful products, from apparel to home decor, ensuring that they maintain their integrity and appeal on any item.

We are growing our print-on-demand range and will be implementing our product range across our websites and various marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy and Walmart.

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Promotional Literature: Making Every Word Count

Promotional literature, from flyers to product sheets, is an essential component of any marketing strategy. Our designs are not just about aesthetics; they are about creating a connection with your audience. We focus on creating promotional materials that are engaging, informative, and aligned with your brand identity. Whether it’s launching a new product or advertising a special event, our designs make sure your message stands out.


Collaborative Approach for Customised Solutions

At BoodleBobs / SEO-Hampshire, we believe in a collaborative approach to design. We work closely with you to understand your brand, your audience, and your marketing goals. This allows us to create customised design solutions that are not only visually captivating but also strategically effective. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every piece of design work, be it digital or print, resonates with your target audience and elevates your brand.

Hourglass Book Series Sci-Fi Fantasy Jo Kemp BoodleBobs

Creative Works: Illustrations for ‘Ultimate Alphabet’ and ‘The Hourglass’

Our passion for creativity extends to our own projects as well. We have employed our skills in illustration and character design for works like ‘Ultimate Alphabet’ and the cover of ‘The Hourglass.’ These projects showcase our ability to create compelling and visually engaging illustrations that resonate with audiences.

They exemplify our commitment to not just delivering a service, but practicing what we preach.

Whether you are looking to create impactful brochures, versatile print-on-demand designs, or compelling promotional literature, BoodleBobs / SEO-Hampshire has the expertise and creativity to bring your ideas to life.  Let us help you tell your brand’s story through designs that engage, inspire, and convert.

Houglass Logo Design: The Thinking Behind The Symbology – References To Sacred Geometry

In ‘Designing The Collective Symbol, the collective being a shadowy organisation found in the Hourglass Book we explored sacred geometry to create a symbol used by this group and for the main Hourglass Book brand logo. Embodying the book’s themes of totality, nature, femininity, spiritual perspective, and the timeless wisdom of sacred geometry, revealing the intricate web of ancient/Celtic symbolism.

The Hourglass Book Collective Symbology

The circle represents notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement Heavens and God (‘God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere’ (Hermes Trismegistus).

The inverted triangle Aristotle established triangles as symbols of the five elements in nature, key aspects of the book. The usual form is of a triangle, circumscribed with various words of power. … The alchemical/magical symbol for water is an inverted triangle, symbolizing downward flow. The downward-pointing triangle is also an ancient symbol of femininity, being a representation of female genitalia.

The triangle and circle together trace its roots to several native cultures, with priests and medicine men regarding the circle enclosing the triangle as a means of warding off evil spirits. Combined this symbol is known as the thaumaturgic triangle. It has been used as a symbol for the Illuminati, Masons, Kabbalah Movement, and some Christian faiths.

The hourglass symbol represents that many problems which worry us every day aren’t that big from the perspective of time. The movement of sand through the hourglass also reminds us that spiritual thoughts/ideas must move into our hearts to change us. Living a New Thought Life means living in the present moment.

** Sacred geometry is considered an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of creation organises itself. It is said that every natural pattern of growth or movement comes back to one or more geometric shapes.

Old School Character Design – Pencil & Paper

A few of the BoodleBobs characters were designed with pencil or paper or were made into real hand made puppet toys.

Character Design – Harnassing The Power Of AI

Revolutionary ways artificial intelligence is reshaping the creative process of character creation, offering unprecedented tools for artists and designers.  Image AI algorithms can generate unique, complex characters, pushing the boundaries of imagination and design efficiency.  Below are some samples from Midjourney and the simple prompts used to create them.

working with artificial intelligence ai boodlebobs seo hampshire

Imagine – A fun character design sheet full body of a smiling Dorset farmer with flat cap running and broadly smiling of around 60 years he has a long face with warm sunken eyes this is a character who everyone will like –v 5 –s 1000 

character design midjpurney boodlebobs optimized

Imagine – Happy dystopian android robot. Full body shot, arms stretched out to the side. facing directly at the camera. against a white background and blue eyes. hydraulics. yellow rusty metal body. hyper-realism. cinematic –ar 16:9 –iw 1.6 –v 5.0

character design midjpurney boodlebobs optimized

Imagine – a tanned woman in a red bikini blond hair and is smiling holding up a big award trophy, celebrations are going on around her – done in a grand theft auto graphic style –v 5.0