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  • boodles series complete set of 1980s childrens books

Full 1980s Childrens Books Posted – Vintage Stories Online

My dog ate my partners copy of Samuel the sausage. (I’m not Popular- or the dog). Please can you help? I can’t find one anywhere. An email received in December 2023 and we have had similar over the years. So we took the time to make all six books published in 1980, available here, unedited and with the original artwork.

  • terence the terrible tap vintage 1980s childrens book jo kemp

Terence The Terrible Tap 1980 Book

Delve into the whimsical universe of 'Terence The Terrible Tap,' a 1980s classic children's book by Jo Kemp. Part of a collection of six timeless tales, this book showcases the enchanting storytelling and distinctive characters emblematic of the era.

  • wally the wobbling wellington vintage 1980s childrens book jo kemp

Wally The Wobbling Wellington 1980 Book

Wally The Wobbling Wellington,' a charming children's classic from the 1980s by Jo Kemp. This story, along with five others, offers a delightful journey into stories with their unique characters and fun narratives that is associated with the author Jo Kemp.

  • samuel the sliding sausage vintage 1980s childrens book jo kemp

Samuel The Sliding Sausage 1980 Book

Samuel The Sliding Sausage is a vintage 1980s children's books by British author Jo Kemp. One of six classic books that capture the imagination with engaging storytelling and memorable characters styled to that era. Dive into the nostalgic world of the Samuel and the other Boodle stories and enjoy the magic of these vintage children's books.

  • maurice the messy mop vintage 1980s childrens book jo kempx optimized

Maurice The Messy Mop 1980 Book

The captivating tale of 'Maurice The Messy Mop,' an endearing children's book from the 1980s by Jo Kemp. This narrative, along with five others, defines the period with its imaginative storytelling and memorable characters.

  • percy pot plant vintage 1980s childrens book jo kemp

Percy The Peeping Pot Plant 1980 Book

Super grow with 'Percy The Peeping Pot Plant,' a nostalgic gem from the 1980s by Jo Kemp. As one of six seminal works, Percy's story encapsulates the era's hallmark of storytelling with its engaging funny narrative and memorable protagonists.