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Patricia's Character Glossary

Bedtime Stories, A To D Glossary of BoodleBobs Character’s

A To D  Glossary of BoodleBobs bedtime stories

Picture Book - Andre The Artistic Apron - Kids Picture Book


This bedtime story is all about Andre and yes, he’s an apron.


A Is For Andre The Artistic Apron

The whole point of ANDRE’s story is that it doesn’t really matter how you appear on the outside, it’s what’s on the INSIDE that matters.

Andre thinks he’s just a bit of a plain boring apron but in truth, he’s a very colourful character. Too often we’re swayed by the bright and shiny – the pretty ones – when the real gems are those who perhaps make a little less noise about it.

Andre’s name meaning: Andre is the French form of the name Andrew and is now also used in the English-speaking world. It’s a variation of the Greek-derived name Andr meaning ‘man or warrior’ Andre on Wikipedia

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Alice The Alarm Clock

Alice lives in the bedroom with Queenie and the Bedbugs. We decided on Alice being a traditional mechanical clock because it’s got so much inherent personality. Also, Alice is far too set in her ways and old fashioned to be realised as digital and also – as a design exercise –  it wouldn’t be practical as her numbers would constantly be changing.

As a traditional alarm clock, her design opened up a wealth of opportunities. Her eyes could be independent of her body (and often, independent of each other!) and her clanger – her alarm mechanism – enabled a mix of both digital and mechanical solutions.

Name meaning: The name Alice is associated with the word ‘noble’. It’s also linked to the word appearance and kind. Alice name on Wikipedia 

Alarming Fact: The first American alarm clock was created by Levi Hutchins of New Hampshire in 1787. He made this device purely for himself and it only rang at 0400 in order to wake him up in time to go to work. 

The French inventor Antoine Redier was the first to patent an adjustable mechanical alarm clock in 1847. Alarm Clock Info

Bedtime Stories For Kids – Boris The Brainy Book Cover


This bedtime story is all about Boris and yes, he’s a book.


B is For Boris The Brainy Book

Boris started out as ‘Boris the Boring Book’ but as NO BOOK IS EVER BORING (except maybe a telephone directory?) the description wasn’t appropriate. BORIS THE BRAINY BOOK was much better and was entirely appropriate because Boris really is very brainy (fact). Read the story and you’ll see why.

Have you ever been asked how long a piece of string is? Have you ever been asked why milkshakes? Well, Boris was presented with these questions and more questions besides. He could provide the answers and made sure his brother in Ontario was in the know too.

Boris name meaning: A boy’s name of Slovak origin meaning one who battles Boris name on Wikipedia

Story Appearances: Boris The Brainy Book / Percy The Peeping Pot Plant / Zac The Zealous Zucchini

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Bald Eagle

For our cartoon song, we needed a natural predator for a wild west scene in Roger’s Pop Song ‘Perfect Love Is Me’ and the American national symbol of the bald eagle was an obvious choice. Therefore Bald Eagle is likely to be a ‘one-off’ usage character for the cartoon song. #PLIM – Perfect Love Is Me (but you never know…)

Some info on the Bald Eagle: It’s found near large bodies of open water with an abundant food supply and old-growth trees for nesting. Bald Eagles are not actually bald; the name derives from an older meaning of the word ‘white-headed’.

Located between Northern Mexico to Alaska, the male Bald Eagle has a body length of 70–102 cm. A typical wingspan is between 1.8 and 2.3m

National Emblem. The Bald Eagle is the US national emblem and was chosen June 20, 1782, as the emblem of the United States of America because of its long life, great strength and majestic looks. It was also because it was then believed to exist only on the American continent.

Story Books Online Benny The Bookworm - BoodleBobs

Story Appearances:

Benny the Book Worm

Benny is a close friend of Boris the Brainy Book. In short, he loves all books so naturally, he loves Boris. Bookworms causing damage to books is a fallacy since the damage isn’t caused by any species of worm. Rather, damage can be caused by the larvae of various types of insects including beetles, moths and cockroaches which may bore or chew through books seeking food.

Some such larvae exhibit a superficial resemblance to worms and are the likely inspiration for the term but… they’re not true worms.

The term ‘bookworm’ has come to have a second, idiomatic use being indicative of a person who reads a great deal or is perceived to read to excess. In other words, someone who devours books metaphorically.

Benny name meaning: Benny is short for Benjamin which means ‘son of my days’ Benny name Wikipedia

Kids Short Story, Cameron The Courageous Cabinet

C. Is For Cameron

“Cameron liked to boast he’d been everywhere and had fought lions, tigers, and elephants.”

Short Stories Cameron The Courageous Cabinet Book Cover


Short stories. This story is all about Cameron and yes, he’s a cabinet.

Cameron The Courageous Cabinet

Cameron is akin to a favourite uncle or adopted relative who’s strictly old school.

He’s a confirmed bachelor (at least in spirit) who tells tall stories about far-away places most of which have been gleaned from National Geographic and/or military autobiographies rather than actual first-hand experience.

He’s a great storyteller and can always be found clutching a glass in need of a re-fill.

Being a military man, army protocol is his protocol too but it’s nice to know that underneath it all, Cameron has a kind heart and is essentially a big kid.

Cameron name meaning. Cameron is a unisex given name, from the English language. The name originates from the Scottish surname Cameron. In the Scottish Highlands, the surname is thought to be derived from a Gaelic word, meaning “crooked nose” or “crooked river”. Cameron name meaning on Wikipedia

Story Appearances: Cameron The Courageous Cabinet

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Bedtime Story For Kids – Dorothy The Dancing Doughnut Book

D. Is For Dorothy

“But who would want to dance with me?” 

Bedtime Story For Kids – Dorothy The Dancing Doughnut Book Cover


Bedtime story for kids. This is a story all about Dorothy and yes, she’s a doughnut.

Dorothy The Dancing Doughnut

Dorothy is sweetness and niceness all the way through…although she does have a hole in her middle! 

She loves to dance but being a doughnut, she’s not that good at it so she takes lessons.

This doesn’t work out too well until Roger – looking for the main chance to steal the limelight – steps in then wishes he hadn’t.

Dorothy is a female given name. It comes from a Greek name meaning “God’s Gift”, Dorothy’s name on Wikipedia

Story Appearances: Dorothy The Dancing Doughnut / Percy The Peeping Pot Plant / Josie The Jolly Jam Jar

Other Appearances:  Girlfriend (Friday Fun) / Perfect Love Is Me Song / Jump Song

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