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Kids Story Character – Eva The Energetic Egg Timer

E. Is For Eva

They laughed when they saw Eva. “Oh, my word and glory be! Now’s there’s a funny thing to see in a henhouse!”

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This kids story is all about Eva and yes, she’s an egg timer.

Eva The Energetic Egg Timer

Eva – being an egg timer – found she had a lot of time on her hands so after exasperating her friends with excessive counting, she ventured outside to count how long it took for a hen to lay an egg.

There are children who don’t really know where eggs come from, or the dangers hens are faced with, and they’ll find this story ‘Eva the Energetic Egg Timer’ is enlightening in more ways than one.

Eva is a female given name. Derived from a Hebrew name meaning “life” or “living one.” It can also mean full of life or mother of life Eva’s name meaning on Wikipedia

Story Appearances: Eva the Energetic Egg Timer / Zac The Zealous Zucchini

Other Appearances:  Jump Song / Turkey Song 

Eva’s Recommended Books To Buy Online

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Brief History of Time
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Egg Cook Book
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How to Tell the Time
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The very hungry caterpillar
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Chicken Manual – Buy Now
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Story Character - Frank The Forgetful Frisbee

F. Is For Frank

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Story books online Frank the Forgetful Frisbee BoodleBobs Free PDF Story Download


This story book is all about Frank and yes, he’s a Frisbee.

Frank The Forgetful Frisbee

Frank was a Frisbee that was ALWAYS forgetting who and what he was? All he could remember was he had no fear of flying… He often felt dizzy…. And was always very forgetful.

Frisbee Fact On January 23, 1957, machines at the Wham-O toy company roll out the first batch of their aerodynamic plastic discs—now known to millions of fans all over the world as Frisbees. The story of the Frisbee began in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where William Frisbie opened the Frisbie Pie Company in 1871.  Frisbee on

Frank name meaning. Frank—Ultimately from the Germanic tribal name of the Franks, in the early medieval period the status of being “a Frank” meant that of a free man. More on Frank on Wikipedia

Story Appearances: Frank the Forgetful Frisbee

Recommendations From Frank For Books To Buy Online

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Unlimited Memory
Story Books Online Frank Affiliate Books 1
Mr Forgetful
Story Books Online Frank Affiliate Books 2
Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore
Story Books Online Frank Affiliate Books 5
How to Memorise Anything
Story Books Online Frank Affiliate Books 3
Ultimate Glory: Frisbee Obsession
Story Books Online Frank Affiliate Books 4
Glenda the Gregarious Gherkin Story Character

G. Is For Glenda

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Harry The Higgledy-Piggledy Hosepipe - Bedtime story Character

H. Is For Harry

You should know that it’s not easy being a hosepipe. You’re under a lot of pressure and when you’re not, you feel all floppy and listless. You’re also tied – fixed to a tap – so you can’t just go wandering off on your own. If you reach the end of your tether, then that’s where you’ll be. At the end of your tether.

Children Story - Harry the Higgledy-Piggledy Hosepipe Book Cover


This story book is all about Harry and yes, he’s a hosepipe.

Harry the Higgledy-Piggledy Hosepipe

Name Meaning: Harry (short for Henry). The meaning of this name comes from Germany *Haima – “home” and *Rīk- “ruler”).  So Harry’s name means home ruler. Harry  on Wikipedia

Who invented the hose? In the 8th Century, the Greeks used solid & flexible hoses as flame throwers at sea. It wasn’t until the 1600’s that Dutch inventor/painter Jan van der Heyden used leather stitched together to make the very 1st manufactured flexible hose.

Story Appearances: Harry The Higgledy-Piggledy Hosepipe

Books Harry’s reading

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Children Story Harry's Affiliate Books 1
Secret Language Of Cats
Children Story Harry's Affiliate Books 2
Fireman Sam
Children Story Harry's Affiliate Books 3
On the prowl
Children Story Harry's Affiliate Books 4
Green as a Garden Hose
Children Story Harry's Affiliate Books 5
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