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Hourglass The Turning Author Jo Kemp

Jo Kemp is a British author who wrote the original scripts for ‘Chorlton and the Wheelies’ and ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’.

As a businesswoman, she went on to produce over 100 episodes of ‘The Raggy Dolls’ for Yorkshire TV through her own film production company.   Jo now lives in Dorset.

Hourglass Book Series

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The Hourglass Book Series
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Hourglass Book One – ‘The Turning’

All Truths Lie In Folklore.

Release date 28th May 2021.
Written By: Jo Kemp

Manifested out of ancient folklore, the Hourglass must be turned to keep the balance between Order and Chaos. Should the Turning fail, the Alternate Prophesies decree Chaos would rule, hastening an inevitable Armageddon. The Turning can only be implemented by the Foundling and this is where the story begins.

Raif, a boy with a passion for clocks and no inkling of his future has a recurring vision of colossal waterspouts unaware this vision is shared by the villainous Darke. He is chosen as the Foundling Elect to succeed Canatu who is mysteriously murdered.

Darke, having been instrumental in this murder, desires power absolute and to achieve this has to prevent the Turning but where is the Hourglass hidden? And will it be found in time?