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Web Developer / Content Creator – Luke Kemp

Luke Kemp, a versatile web developer and content creator with a rich portfolio.  Contact via ‘Luke-Kemp LinkedIn’ or from from one of  the below websites contact page.

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With a passion for crafting compelling narratives and a deep understanding of search engine optimisation, we specialise in delivering engaging, results-driven content that resonates with your audience.

Whether you need website content that captivates visitors, social media posts that spark engagement, or a full-fledged digital makeover, we bring your ideas to life.  Let’s transform your online presence.

Character & Graphic Design Services

Innovative graphic and character design solutions, including branding, logo creation, and marketing materials. Focused on creativity and precision, we ensure each design reflects your brand.

Video Production & Editing

Integrating video content into your online communications strategy is crucial for capturing and retaining your audience’s attention. Engaging video content for websites & social media.

Motion Graphics And Animation

Bespoke motion graphics and animation services to breathe life into your brand and create engaging content for your marketing campaigns.

Photography, Art working & Photoshop

Expert photography and photo editing & enhancing services offering high-quality, visually captivating images enhanced and graded with Photoshop, tailored to capture the unique essence and story of each subject.

SEO Content Writing & Scripts

SEO content writing for web pages, blogs, product descriptions and video scripts.  SEO content writing is a specialised form of copywriting for websites. The copy contains researched words, and key phrases of sufficient density, to match the website’s internal link structure against user-generated search terms.

Music & Sound Audio Production

From composing original music to professional audio recording, mixing and mastering, we offer a wide range of music and audio production services that will bring your sound to life and enhance your projects with high-quality audio production.

Technical, Web Development & SEO Services

We deliver expert analytical, SEO and web development services and promote these services from each of our websites.

Website Development

Custom WordPress & Drupal site design and development to enhance brand presence and customer engagement. Tailored for ease of editing, these SEO-optimised websites are geared to generate leads and drive sales.


Utilising WooCommerce, Shopify or Drupal Commerce, we create visually appealing product content and efficient online stores, operational 24/7, to enhance your e-commerce presence for business growth.

Website Hosting

Hosting solutions & web application management services, tailored to your business needs. Scalable single point-of-contact maintenance packages ensuring site security, and protection from hacks with the provision of disaster recovery.

Digital Analysis & Tracking

Comprehensive digital analysis services that enhance your online presence. Using advanced tools and strategies, we assess your digital footprint, user engagement, website and competitors’ performance to optimise your digital strategy and improve results.

Technical SEO & Diagnostics

Specialised website diagnostics to maximise website efficiency and user experience. Thorough evaluations of website technical SEO, functionality, and structure to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies for increased traffic and conversion rates.

On-Page And Off-Page SEO

Comprehensive On-Page and Off-Page SEO strategies to enhance your website’s search engine ranking. This includes optimising web pages for quality content, along with external efforts like backlink building and content for social media engagement.

The Technologies We Work With
From creative projects to data-driven insights, working with the necessary technologies for benchmarking, outstanding digital performance and innovative solutions.  These are some of the tools we use.
adobe creative cloud optimized

Adobe Creative Cloud is an expansive collection of over 20 desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX, and more, offering creative professionals the tools to bring ideas to life.

tools we use for analysis seo content creation boodlebobs digital services optimized

Utilising analytical and SEO tools, businesses can optimise strategies, improve site performance, and increase visibility, establishing a strong competitive position in the online marketplace.

working with artificial intelligence boodlebobs

By leveraging AI, businesses can significantly cut costs, dramatically enhance output quality, and accelerate project delivery times, thereby securing a formidable competitive edge in the ever-evolving marketplace

Common CMS Systems we work with boodlebobs seo hampshire optimized

Offering CMS services across various platforms, including strategic SEO, captivating content creation, comprehensive development, and dependable support, to enhance your digital presence.