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Children Story – Harry's story with Malcolm The Mothm-Moth.JPG

About The BoodleBob Blog

We are maintaining our three separate websites, but we are currently working on a project to share and cross-promote products and content across them. These websites include,, and

As result, the Boodlebobs blog page will not only feature content relevant to Boodlebobs but will also share blog posts related to our #PopArtDoug content, technology updates, Hourglass book 2 & 3 news and Granny Annie updates.

Full 1980s Childrens Books Posted – Vintage Stories Online

News Blog|

My dog ate my partners copy of Samuel the sausage. (I’m not Popular- or the dog). Please can you help? I can’t find one anywhere. An email received in December 2023 and we have had similar over the years. So we took the time to make all six books published in 1980, available here, unedited and with the original artwork.

Hourglass Book One – The Turning

Hourglass, News Blog|

Manifested out of ancient folklore, the Hourglass must be turned to keep the balance between Order and Chaos. Should the Turning fail, the Alternate Prophesies decree Chaos would rule. Hourglass Book One: The Turning - All Truths Lie In Folklore.

The Symbology Behind The Hourglass Collective Logo

Hourglass, News Blog|

In designing this logo for the shadowy organisation called 'The Collective, the we explored sacred geometry to create a symbol used by this group and for the main Hourglass Book brand logo. Representing the themes of the book these are the elements that make up this logo.

Doug Kemp – Welcome Pops

February 17th, 2024|News Blog|

Welcome Pops - Doug Kemp aka #PopArtDoug (Luke's Dad) has been added to the BoodleBobs website. 60 years of a dynamic, enduring and evolving style - Doug is very much in fashion.

BoodleBobs 2024: A Comprehensive Upgrade

February 16th, 2024|News Blog|

After focusing on expanding our digital services and the Doug Kemp digital project over the past two years, we're thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to BoodleBobs in 2024. Our commitment to delivering exceptional stories and materials has never been stronger.

Analytical, Productivity And Workflow Tools

February 14th, 2024|News Blog|

Leveraging technology strategically can revolutionise your digital footprint, enhancing the visual appeal of your content and streamlining your operation. We boost your digital strategy with a carefully selected array of analytical, productivity and workflow tools

CMS Platforms We Work With

January 29th, 2024|News Blog|

Whether you are looking for a new CMS or assistance with the one you have already. We provide strategic SEO, engaging content, development and reliable support across a range of platforms Our services are designed to improve your site's visibility and engage your audience effectively.

Working With Artificial Intelligence

January 27th, 2024|News Blog|

Working with Artificial Intelligence transforms creative processes, streamlining workflows and elevating digital quality. By leveraging AI, businesses can significantly reduce costs, enhance the quality of output, and accelerate project delivery times, leading to a competitive edge in the digital realm.

Cartoon & Animation Work History

January 25th, 2024|Cartoons, News Blog|

We are changing the format of our children's cartoon stories so that they can be marked with a mixed audience setting on social networks.  Introducing Granny Annie.  Better to have one rally great digital puppet than dozens of basic ones.  With around 100 individual characters (see character wiki) our stories needed a central, recognisable MC anyway.

Adobe Creative Suite, Creating Digital Puppets

January 17th, 2024|News Blog|

Working on Adobe Creative Suite, Creating digital puppets with Adobe Character Animator whilst learning from Dave Werner from Okay Samurai channel which showcases tutorials and creative projects.

Granny Annie’s Free Audiobooks

August 29th, 2020|News Blog|

Free Audiobooks - Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet MP3 Stories Download Free audiobooks. Granny Annie Audiobooks Free To Download MP3 Stories

Friday Fun, Other Work & Brilliant Tutorials

June 12th, 2020|Cartoons, News Blog|

If time permits, we like to experiment and learn new techniques on Friday's.  Posts shared here include our own tests, work for other clients and how to's tutorials from the best in the content creation community.

Cartoon & Animation Work History

June 5th, 2020|Cartoons, News Blog|

Jo Kemp boasts a storied career in animation scriptwriting, beginning with her influential work on classics like "Chorlton and the Wheelies" and "Jamie and the Magic Torch" at Cosgrove Hall during the early 1980s. She later produced the beloved "Raggy Dolls" series in the 1990s. Platform Invitation Code

May 23rd, 2020|News Blog|

A web-based tool designed to help YouTube creators optimise their videos and grow their channels. Morningfame is invitation only, you can grab your access code here.

BoodleBobs Granny Annie

During a two-year break from BoodleBobs and Granny Annie projects, we were actively engaged in other projects such as PopArtDoug and serving our valued clients.

Now, in 2024, we are thrilled to bring Granny Annie back to life with an upgraded website and a renewed focus on producing more age-related content and educational materials based on the Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet stories.

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