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Original Bedtime Stories, Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet Book Online

Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book’. Every letter of the alphabet is catered for with characters that are engaging and lasting; in situations that young people can relate to in their everyday lives.

Create a special and lasting bond by reading with a child. We hope ALL 26 original short stories (One for each letter of the alphabet) are as much fun for the adults to read, as they are for the children.

Granny Annie Story Books Online – A To F

Story books online for letters A to F .  Andre showing that doesn’t matter how you appear on the outside.  Boris is very brainy.  Cameron is like an old adopted uncle. Dorothy can’t dance, Eva wants to know how long it takes to lay an egg and Frank is ALWAYS forgetting where and what he is?

Granny Annie Tells Us Why Bedtime Stories Are So Good For Kids

“A bedtime story to help sleeping”

Bedtime Stories Are Good For Kids Granny Annie Explains Why

Bedtime Story Benefits

Online Stories From Granny Annie G To L

Online stories for the letters G to L, Glenda lives with her sisters in a jar with standing room only. Harry is under a lot of pressure, Ida is not very good at walking, Josie is extremely shiny, Katie is always letting of steam and Lucy LOVES the nightlife.

Granny Annie Explains, Adjectives, Nouns and Verbs

‘Granny Annie’ loves reading stories from the Ultimate Alphabet Book. They make her laugh, teach us all about language and often have a moral too. These stories uses alliteration. Which makes them easy to identify with while lending melody to the titles.

What is an adjective word - Granny Annie Explains

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‘Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet’ story titles are formatted to use a name, an adjective and a noun. (Verbs are covered here too).

A title example, “Wally the Wobbling Wellington”.

Here we have the name (Wally), the adjective (Wobbling) and the noun (Wellington).  To summarise.

Names: we all have one so will skip the obvious.

Adjectives:  Adjectives are descriptive words about a person, an animal, a thing, or a thought. It tells you something about it (the noun).

Nouns: A noun can tell you who or what it is. A noun is ‘a something’. It’s a word that identifies something like a person, a place, an idea or a thing.

Verbs:   Verbs are used to describe an action ‘Billy ate an apple’. An occurrence ‘Billy decided to swim’. Or a state of being ‘Billy went to the shop.’

Download – Granny Annie explains nouns, adjectives & Verbs

Ultimate Alphabet Bedtime Stories M To R

There’s nothing Morris likes more than sloshing water all over the floor.  Nigel can fold himself into any shape he likes.  Ollie is such a cool, laid back ostrich, nothing fazes him.  Percy bored with sitting on his window sill all day, wants an adventure. Queenie is cold and thin and quivery and Raj helps a pink flamingo called Fedora locate her missing egg.

Short Stories Ultimate Alphabet S To X

Short stories S To X from Granny Annies Ultimate Alphabet Book.  Samuel proves that sausages actually do bounce.  Terence sits at the end of the bath with his sister Tina.  Una is an umbrella who hasn’t been out in ages.  Vera has a VOR-RAY-SHUSH appetite for cleaning. Wally is always the wellington that’s lost, muddy… Or wobbly.   And Xavier is frightened of anything new or different.


Children’s Book – Granny Annie Stories Y & Z

Granny Annie’s Children’s Book for letter’s Y & Z. Yousef yearns for a hug but can’t, his leaves are just too spiky and Zac is kind of a courgette – that has a great big floppy flower growing out of its head. And ZOO-KHEE-NEE is how you say it.

Jo Kemp Hourglass Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet BoodleBobs Author

Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet Author Jo Kemp

Jo Kemp is a British author who wrote the original TV scripts for ‘Chorlton and the Wheelies’ and ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’.

As a production company owner and TV producer, she went on to produce over 100 episodes of ‘The Raggy Dolls’ for Yorkshire TV through her own film production company.   Jo now lives in Dorset and is writing the next book in the sci-fi fantasy series titled ‘The Hourglass’.

Storybook Character Wiki

Discover the 100 or so storybook characters featured within Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book. 26 Stories one for each letter of the alphabet

This wiki features character names, and descriptions and contains, related links, downloads, educational resources and more.

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Hourglass Book Series

Jo Kemp (Granny Annie writer & voice) new sci-fi book.

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Visit Doug’s page on the BoodleBobs website.

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Granny Annie’s ‘Ultimate Alphabet Book’ is a different approach to alphabet books insofar as it’s written to expand children’s vocabulary and their imagination. Every letter of the alphabet is catered for with characters that are engaging and lasting; in situations that young people can relate to in their everyday lives.

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26 x Bedtime stories in one great big Granny Annie book!

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