Cartoons Created in Adobe Character Animator

Cartoons Archives. Making cartoons has changed so much over the past 20 years.   When Jo Kemp ran the animation studio making the Raggy Doll’s TV series in the 1990s.  In total, some 30 people were involved in the traditional style of animation for the production.  This included dedicated rolls of Director, Producer, Lead animator’s, Inbetweeners, Inkers, Paint and trace, Rostrum cameraman, Editors and other supporting staff ). In total there were ten episodes per season on a series which went on for over ten years.

Fast forward to the 2020s, fast computers and tools such as Adobe Character Animator has enabled the production of our own BoodleBobs cartoon. In ‘Character Animator’, you create and rig up a digital puppet and capture the performance with your webcam and hotkeys.

With cartoons created with character animator, it is possible to produce simple animation in real-time.  Really!  Here is an example of Luke Kemp building a digital puppet using Photoshop & Character Animator.


BoodleBobs Cartoons

BoodleBobs Family-friendly cartoons for a mixed audience.

Friday Fun, Other Work & Brilliant Tutorials


Friday Fun, Other Work & Brilliant Tutorials If time permits, we like to experiment and learn new techniques on Friday's.  Posts shared here include our own tests, work for other clients and how to's tutorials from the best in the content creation community. Friday Fun, Playing With

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Kids Cartoon Stories


Kids Cartoon Stories Kids cartoon stories, written and narrated by Jo Kemp, who also wrote the cult fist series of ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’, Chorlton and the Wheelies’. Jo also produced over 100 episodes of ’The Raggy Dolls’ . Kids Cartoon Stories Introduced With A Song

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PLIM, PERFECT LOVE IS ME, MUSIC VIDEO Perfect Love Is Me Song, #PLIM.  For the one, truly special person in your life. Buy Perfect Love Is Me Buy 'Perfect Love Is Me' Song.  Help make our stories accessible to more children

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Cartoon Songs, Animated Music Videos


Cartoon Songs, BoodleBobs Animated Music Videos Cartoon songs and animated music videos written and produced by the BoodleBobs. Animated Music Video, Film Festival Laurels Music, award-winning cartoon songs & animation. Welcome to the BoodleBobs cartoon songs page.

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Christmas & Thanksgiving Turkey Songs Cartoons


BoodleBobs Christmas & Thanksgiving Turkey Songs Cartoons Christmas & Thanksgiving Turkey Songs Cartoons Christmas Turkey Song, Thanksgiving Turkey Song Christmas & Thanksgiving Turkey Song Cartoons TURKEY EVA THE EGG TIMER

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