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Grannie Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book – Available To Buy In Print

26 x Stories, one for each letter of the alphabet. Buy Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book. Published by BoodleBobs.

Granny Annie's Ultimate Alphabet Book
Granny Annie's Ultimate Alphabet Book - Details from Amazon
  • Price – $21.99 / £15.99
  • Genre – Children’s fiction
  • Ages – 4 to 90 :-)
  • Print length – 160 Pages
  • Language – English
  • Publication Date – 15th March 2021
  • Dimensions – 21.01 x 0.97 x 29.69 cm
  • Delivered by – Amazon

Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book Description 

“WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF BIG WORDS and playfully encourage their usage”. Granny Annie

Granny Annie is mindful of all her readers including the adults who are often called upon to read the stories many times over.

So that everyone can enjoy the reading experience, the stories are funny and intriguing.

Children will easily relate to the humour leaving the adults to enjoy some of the more obscure references.

This is more than just an A-Z alphabet book. It’s written to encourage children to use their imaginations while expanding their vocabulary in a fun and creative way.

Every letter of the alphabet is catered for creating a family of lasting lovable characters that young (and older) readers can relate to in everyday life.

Hourglass Book Series - The Collective

‘All Truths Lie In Folklore’.

BUY NOW – Hourglass Book 1 – The Turning
The Hourglass Book Series


** Update. Out soon, book one of ‘The Hourglass book 1 ‘The Turning’ Release date 28th May 2021. By Jo Kemp

Manifested out of ancient folklore, the Hourglass must be turned to keep the balance between Order and Chaos. Should the Turning fail, the Alternate Prophesies decree Chaos would rule, hastening an inevitable Armageddon. The Turning can only be implemented by the Foundling and this is where the story begins.

Raif, a boy with a passion for clocks and no inkling of his future has a recurring vision of colossal waterspouts unaware this vision is shared by the villainous Darke. He is chosen as the Foundling Elect to succeed Canatu who is mysteriously murdered. Darke, having been instrumental in this murder, desires power absolute and to achieve this has to prevent the Turning but where is the Hourglass hidden? And will it be found in time?

Drawn in by a gilded clock gifted to him, Raif is flung into the adventure of a lifetime while being hunted relentlessly by Darke and his evil forces. He has cause to call into question the improbability of coincidence as he’s catapulted from the Dorset countryside to the terrifying catacombs below Paris and finally to the barren shores of the Arrid Sea and a spectacular showdown. But is this the end or just the beginning…

Hourglass Book Page –

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Merchandise – Dorothy Chic

Dorothy is sweetness and niceness all the way through…although she does have a hole in her middle!

She can do all the dances – after a fashion – and whereas she thinks she’s a BRILLIANT dancer, the others have very different ideas.

The ‘Dorothy chic collection’ available from our Teespring portal.

  • More items will be available in our TeeSpring portal soon!
Dorothy BoodleBobs Merchandising
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Rogers gold record

Hourglass Book Series

Jo Kemp (Granny Annie writer & voice) new sci-fi book.

Hourglass Book Page
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Downloads & Translations

Music Downloads

‘Perfect Love’ – Availible here free, for a limited time only.

Roger makes our music

Roger often says that if you were to look in a dictionary for ‘Legend’, it says ‘Roger!’

With his feelings of grandiosity and his desire for success and power, he has agreed to share his music here for a limited time only. He might however want something back in return.

  • PLIM Perfect Love Is Me ‘Original’
  • Perfect Love Is Me ‘Spanish’
  • Perfect Love Is Me ‘Hindi’
  • Perfect Love Is Me ‘Chill Out/Instrumental’
  • Perfect Love Is Me Country & Western
  • The Two Rogers ‘Perfect Love  English/Hindi Remix

Visit Perfect Love Is Me Home Page

Music, Perfect Love Is Me Song Versions

Perfect Love Is Me Country & Western
Country & Western

Perfect Love Is Me Song Hindi Version

Perfect Love Is Me Song Official

Perfect Love Is Me Song Spanish Version

Perfect Love Is Me Song Classical Music Version

There are five versions of this song.

  • Country & Western
  • Spanish
  • Hindi
  • Instrumental



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Out Now - Hourglass Book One 'The Turning' By Jo Kemp

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