Ranking Factors For Videos Posted To YouTube

Informative Video from Morninfa.me on the weights of the YouTube ranking algorithm.  Ever wondered what impact your tags and description have on your video growing on YouTube?

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Youtube Algorithm Dissected

A lightbulb moment!  Nico from Morningfa.me, using data created by Tubefilter explains how the YouTube algorithm prioritises components of your video.   How it tests and serves to new audiences.  The lightbulb moment came with the realisation that many of the rules that apply in YouTube also apply for Google’s search network.

If you want to grow your channel and understand what is going on behind the scenes, it is highly recommended that you watch this video or at least look at the Pie chart below.

Priority Weights Of The YouTube Ranking Algorithm

14 factors the YouTube algorithm looks at when ranking your video

Reversed Engineered Weights Of The YouTube Ranking Algorithm Morningfa.me

A brief explanation of the metrics used by YouTube’s algorithm.

Session Starts 38% — A session start is when a viewer accesses YouTube through your video link and then stays on YouTube after your video is over. The YouTube ranking algorithm rewards videos that get more session starts as they contribute to your overall video watch time.  YouTube likes to see clicks into their platform.

View Duration 25% — The Average view duration on YouTube is the total watch time of your video divided by the total number of video plays & replays. This metric measures a video’s ability to engage viewers. If 2 people watched your video, with one turning it off in the first second and the other watching to the end, your average view time for the video would be 50%

Upload Frequency 12% — A lot of YouTubes burn out because of this metric.  The number of times and the regularity of new videos being posted to YouTube.

Session Duration 4%  — The time a user spends on YouTube.  Average session duration’s are reportedly between 2-3 minutes. So anything above this is considered favourably.

Session Ends 4%  — Are users leaving the platform following seeing your video?

Video Is New 3% — New videos posted to the YouTube platform receive a lift in suggested video’s.

Playlist Adds 3% — Videos that are added to watch later and other playlists.

Closed Captions 3% — Accessibility.  Have text-based captions and translations been added to your video?

Title  2% — Is your video title relevant and acting as a hook which pips peoples curiosity or need?

Comments  2% — Are people leaving comments?

Likes 1% — Thumbs up or down.  A users response to your video

Tags 1%Tags are descriptive keywords that are added to YouTube video’s and are used to help viewers find your content.  Video’s titles, thumbnails and description are probably the best pieces of metadata for videos being found Tags should reflect and confirm the topic.

Description 1% — The text found below a video on YouTube. The description helps users find the content and then helps them decide whether to watch it

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