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In the time since we started our journey into animation and youtube, we have learned a lot. Posts in this blog will feature, BoodleBobs news, some of the cool things we have found and related things of interest.

on 06 Jul 2019 11:53 AM
  • YouTube invitation code, - Understand How YouTube Works


We are great fan's of Nico and his awesome YouTube Growth Application


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Our opinion of

Nico's explanations on how YouTube works resonate.  His calm, informative delivery manner provides in-depth understanding of the platform and the tool which is the focus of his topics can not recommend enough for channels of any size.

The tool provides a simple interface and sends regular reports on your post in the context of.

Made Channel Grow? — Sums up the traction of the metrics shown in the bubbles to the right. If a video gets a green check mark or higher in this bubble then this video made a substantial contribution to grow your channel.

Views — The view count of the video.

Average View Duration — Measures the average minutes each viewer watched the video until moving on to e.g. watch another video.

Likes — The like count of the video.

Comments — The comment count of the video.

Subscribers Gained — The number of subscribers gained directly through this video. **However, only visitors who subscribed while watching the video are counted. Many visit the channel page first and subscribe there.



We like Nicos videos so much we will be reposting under our cool stuff section.

Nico's YouTube Channel

On Nico's channel he provides knowledge and insights on how to simplify the YouTube growth journey. Expect tutorials as well success stories of other YouTube creators – all aimed towards giving his viewers practical growth strategies.

Nico host a Morningfame Q&A live stream every first Saturday of the month 12pm US West Coast / 3pm US East Coast / 9pm Central Europe.

Subscribe and hit the bell here:


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