Bedtime stories for kids. This bedtime story is all about Zac and yes, he’s a zucchini. But what on earth IS a zucchini? A ZOO-KHEE-NEE is how you say it, but that doesn’t tell you what it is? Well, Zac was one and he loved anything Italian…

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Bedtime Story for Kids This bedtime story all about Zac and yes, he’s a zucchini.

But what on earth IS a zucchini?

A ZOO-KHEE-NEE is how you say it, but that doesn’t tell you what it is?

Well, Zac was one and he loved anything Italian…

“Mama Mia!” he gushed tossing his head, shaking the enormous flower that grew out of it.


I am pure THEATRE. 

“I am an actor!” he said dramatically taking long green strides around the kitchen. “From the famous ZOO-KHEE-NEE family

“No you’re not,” muttered Eva, “You’re a glorified courgette; one step away from a marrow.”

“A marrow!’  gasped Zac feigning a swoon, ‘Why, the very idea!”

But he’d show them what a good actor he was although firstly, he needed an AUDIENCE and it seemed everyone was too busy.  However, someone was watching…

… a large fly on the wall. “We’ll watch anything!”  said Freddie.





Boris was keen to start rehearsals. “Imagine you’re a tree,” he said helpfully.

‘I don’t want to be a tree!!” thought Zac, “I want to be Zorro!! Or Batman!” 

But he had to start somewhere so he thought tree thoughts. 

“I am a tree…” he chanted, “I’m wood.” (And he was very wooden).

‘I’m thinking bark,” he continued but when someone sniggered and said ‘woof’ the spell was broken.


“Oh this is hopeless!” he flounced.

“Why don’t you put on a proper play?” piped up Tina, “I happen to have one here.”

‘It’s about a princess who’s been captured by a wicked witch and is saved by a handsome prince….

…. A handsome Prince called PRINCE ZAC!





“That’s a fantastic story!” beamed Zac and I can be Prince Zac!”

“Exactly!” agreed Tina and grinned. “And I’ll be the Wicked Witch.”

But what about the Princess?

“How about Greta?” said Boris producing Greta from out of the cupboard. 

“No no!” protested Greta, “I want to be alone…”


“And so you will be,” said Tina, “You’ll be my prisoner then Prince Zac will save you.”

Soon the stage was set. The curtain was down, the audience hushed and the actors waited nervously in the wings. 

“We need someone to raise the curtain!” hissed Tina in a loud stage whisper.

“I’ll do it,” said Freddie and, taking up two corners, he buzzed up to the ceiling and hovered.






A silence fell. The curtain went up revealing Zac, center stage and frozen.

All he could do was blink. And all you could hear was a pin drop.

But then Tina the Wicked Witch came up behind Zac and burst a large paper bag. BANG!

 “WHAT’D DO THAT FOR!!!” he spluttered. 

”It’s a sound effect” she laughed. “Thunder… or didn’t you read the script?”


No. Zac hadn’t bothered so now he’d have to busk it.

Greta came on stage, “Save me, save me” she cried on cue.

‘Save you from what?” said Zac just as someone let out a gigantic sneeze.

It was Freddie who, reaching for a hankie, let go of the curtain which came crashing down…..





Crashing down on Greta! But, in the nick of time, Zac dived across the stage and saved Greta from being buried under a mountain of velvet!!

The audience went wild, stood up and applauded loudly. Zac the handsome prince had saved Greta the beautiful princess and the wicked witch was lost forever (well, at least for the time being).


“Was that supposed to happen?” asked Boris suspiciously backstage.

“Oh yes,” lied Zac nonchalantly and shook his flower. “I may not have brought the curtain down, but I certainly brought the house down.”

"Autograph anyone?” 


Bedtime Story for Kids - Zac Written By Jo Kemp