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Kids Story – Lucy the Luminous Lamp

This online storybook is all about Lucy and yes, she’s a lamp. Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet story  ‘Lucy the Luminous Lamp”.  Written & narrated by Jo Kemp

Lucy the Luminous Lamp - Written And Narrated By Jo Kemp

Lucy the Luminous Lamp. Written & narrated by Jo Kemp

Storybooks Online, Lucy the Luminous Lamp - l-lucy

Lucy the Luminous Lamp, BoodleBobs Storybooks Online

This online storybook is all about Lucy and yes, she’s a lamp.

Being a lamp, Lucy loved the nightlife. She’d stay awake almost ‘till dawn and if she’d been a candle, she would have burned at both ends.

Read Aloud Story BoodleBobs 10 Page 1 - Josie The Jolly Jam Jar

Story Books Online, Lucy the Luminous Lamp Page 1

“Oh, the parties…” she sighed, “The bright lights and the city!”

But now she had to switch off when everyone else did.

What would be the point of staying awake when everyone else was asleep?

Storybooks Online, barry the bin

Everyone that is, except Barry.

Barry the bin came awake at night, doing his rounds and clearing up.

He picked up and tidied up so everything would be spick and span in the morning.

He loved his job, but he would have so liked a friend to help him.

That night, Lucy couldn’t sleep. She watched Barry going about his jobs then plucked up the courage to ask him…

“Can I come along and help you?”

Of course, Barry was delighted so with Lucy shining her light into all the nooks and crannies they found all sorts of things they didn’t know were there before.

storybooks online Buttons found under the bed

Buttons, wrappers, books and papers.

Odd socks, lost socks, broken toys and pencils.

Crayons, bobble hats, paper clips and postcards.

They even found a tin of beans but left that where it was.

storybooks online - Old socks
storybooks online beans found under the bed

Storybooks Online, Lucy the Luminous Lamp Page 2

Barry was just finishing off leaving everything neat and tidy when he heard a terrible commotion coming from the back bedroom.

“What is it?” asked Lucy

“We’re about to find out,” replied Barry and pushed the door open.

Read Aloud Story BoodleBobs 10 Page 3 - Josie The Jolly Jam Jar

Story-books Online, Lucy the Luminous Lamp Page 3

And it was indeed a terrible commotion because the Fluffies – instead of sitting lined up on the window sill – were having a pillow fight and not one, not two but three of the pillows had burst!

Feathers were everywhere! But that wasn’t the worst of it…

The Fluffies had got so carried away they’d lost ears, eyes and noses, arms and legs – even heads – because they weren’t designed for pillow fighting!

“Oh no!” wailed a Fluffie, “I can’t find my ears.”

“I can’t find my feet!”

“Has anyone seen my eye?”

Barry was furious! He whipped out a large black plastic bag, scooped up every feather and every arm, every leg, every eye and every whatever then marched down the stairs.

Storybooks Online, Lucy the Luminous Lamp Page 4

He opened the back door and into the blackness of the night, dropped the bulging bag into the dustbin.

“There…” he said with no small measure of satisfaction. “We’ll have no more of that kind of nonsense”.

Lucy waited until it was all quiet again with the only sound being the whimpering of the poor damaged Fluffies.

She was angry. It wouldn’t have taken long to put the Fluffies back together.

She shone her light out of the open window and saw the dustbin.

Storybooks Online Lucy & Owl

Storybooks Online, Lucy the Luminous Lamp Page 4

“I’ll get your bits back,” she said bravely, just as she heard an extremely loud SCREECH!

“Whooo…whoo there…” she asked.

“WHOOO…whoo wants to know?” came back the reply.

Lucy turned and shone her light up into the tree and nearly fell out the window in fright when she came across two ENORMOUS eyes staring in at her.

It was Owl. “Can I help you?” he asked.

Storybooks Online Owl Character

“Yes please,” said Lucy no longer afraid and explained what had happened to the Fluffies.

“What a twit who-who,” remarked Owl, referring to Barry, and without more ado swooped down, picked up the bag and gave it to Lucy.

In no time at all, the right heads were attached to the right bodies, the right legs and the right arms too as well as the right eyes, ears and noses. Soon, everyone was more or less back together.

Read Aloud Story BoodleBobs 10 Page 5 - Josie The Jolly Jam Jar

Storybooks Online, Lucy the Luminous Lamp Page 5

“Thank you so much,” chorused the Fluffies and settled down to sleep.

Read Aloud Story BoodleBobs 10 Page 5 - Josie The Jolly Jam Jar

“Thank you,” said Lucy to the owl. “It’s been a wonderful evening and I was just wondering, are you always awake at night?”

“I am indeed,” said the Owl to his new-found friend.


The End.

BoodleBobs Storybooks Online Lucy the Luminous Lamp, written & narrated by Jo Kemp

About Lucy the Luminous Lamp

Storybooks Online Lucy the Luminous Lamp Book

L is for Lucy: Lucy the Luminous Lamp
Lucy used to LOVE the nightlife; the parties, the staying up until dawn and it has been said that if she’d been a candle, she would have burned at both ends.

But now she lives the quiet life with lights out at bedtime. That is until she asks Barry if she can go with him on rounds. As they’re clearing and tidying up, she meets the Fluffies – a row of adorable fluffy dolls – who are supposed to sit on the shelf. But on this particular night they’re not on the shelf, they’re having the most wonderful pillow fight!

However, disaster strikes when the Fluffies find they’ve lost their heads… and their arms and their legs, feet, eyes and and noses. In short they’re in pieces when Barry bursts into the room and sweeps up all their bits. Lucy comes to the rescue and along the way makes a friend WHO-WHO loves the nightlife too.

Name meaning: Lucy / ‘dawn or daylight’, The name Lucy stems from the male name ‘Lucius’ with the meaning as of light (born at dawn or daylight.Lucy name on Wikipedia

Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Cartoon – L Is For Lucy

This is an audio-only version of Ida’s cartoon.  Subscribe and hit the bell for notification for the Granny Annie version release.

Video: L Is For Lucy. Soon to be  a Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet Book Cartoon

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