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Stories for Kids – Una the Upturned Umbrella

This online story for kids is all about Una. And yes, she’s an Umbrella. A chapter from Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book  ‘Una the Upturned Umbrella”.  Written & narrated by Jo Kemp

Una the Upturned Umbrella - Written And Narrated By Jo Kemp

Una the Upturned Umbrella. Written & narrated by Jo Kemp

Una the Up-turned Umbrella

Una the Upturned Umbrella BoodleBobs Stories for Kids

This story for kids is all about Una and yes, she’s an umbrella.

Being an umbrella, Una only went outside when it was raining but as it hadn’t rained in AGES, Una hadn’t been outside in AGES and this made her rather unhappy.

Stories for Kids, Una the Upturned Umbrella Page 1

Stories for Kids, Una the Upturned Umbrella Page 1

“I’m going out anyway,” she decided and marched out of the door into the blazing sunshine where she made a lovely big circle of shade.

Stories for Kids. Snodgrass the snail

Snodgrass the snail slimed his way over and was glad to get out of the heat.

“This is nice,” he said, “With my house on my back it’s difficult for me to know if I’m inside or outside. Maybe I’m just outside in….

… Or did I mean inside out?”

“An umbrella is just another name for a parasol,” he confirmed.

Stories for Kids, Una the Upturned Umbrella Page 2

Stories for Kids, Una the Upturned Umbrella Page 2

“Rain or shine, you provide an invaluable service – shade from the blazing hot sun.”

Raj the radiator came out to take some washing off the line.

Una was delighted to hear this and looked around for anyone else who might need some shade and found the House Mites, hot and tired after playing baseball.

Housemites thousands - BoodleBobs

“Over here, come into the shade,” she offered much to the cheers of the House Mites who came and crowded in.

“And you!” she called to Freddie the fly and his friends who were looking very hot and bothered.

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“Come in out of the sun,” she called, “there’s plenty of room for all!”

It was wonderful!

Una walked around the garden casting her large cool shadow and wherever she walked, her new friends walked with her.

Eventually, she arrived at the duck pond and was dismayed to see Baby Duck crying.

Stories for Kids, Una the Upturned Umbrella Page 3

Stories for Kids, Una the Upturned Umbrella Page 3

“What’s the matter Baby Duck?” she asked.

“The pond has dried up and I wanted to swim,” wailed Baby Duck very loudly.

Elsie the elephant came over to see what the problem was.

She looked at Baby Duck. She looked at the dried-up pond and then she looked at Una.

“Just give me a moment,” she said.

In less than a moment, Elsie returned.

“Una… can you turn yourself upside down?” she asked.

Una thought it was a strange request but did so, nevertheless.


Elsie released a whole trunkful of water into upturned Una and created a WONDERFUL paddling pool.

Stories for Kids, Una the Upturned Umbrella Page 4

Stories for Kids, Una the Upturned Umbrella Page 4

Baby Duck was delighted! She swam around and around and soon all the House Mites jumped in too and swam around and around with her.

But there was a problem. While Una was being a paddling pool, she wasn’t providing shade. Everyone was getting hotter and hotter.

Elsie looked at the pond sadly and shook her head. ”Even with my big long trunk, I don’t think I could fill-up the duck pond,” she sighed.

“But maybe I could!” said Harry the hosepipe who popped out of the bushes, “Stand back while I give it a go!”


Stories for Kids, Harry the hose squirts water

Stories for Kids, Una the Upturned Umbrella Page 5

Harry released a great jet of water and filled up the duck pond in no time.

“There you are!” he said proudly, “Now we can all relax in the shade and watch.”

Una turned herself the right way up again.

“This is so COOL,” said Snodgrass (and meant it).

Stories for Kids, Una the Upturned Umbrella Page 5

Soon, lots more friends came over, either to swim or to relax in the shade Una provided. “You know, I’m going to come out EVERY day from now on,” she said happily.

“Come rain or shine…”

The end

Free Stories For Kids From The BoodleBobs, Una the Upturned Umbrella written & narrated by Jo Kemp

About Una the Upturned Umbrella

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U is for Una: Una the Up-turned Umbrella
Being an umbrella – and because it hasn’t rained in ages – Una hasn’t been out in ages. This makes her unhappy so she decides to go out anyway.

What a surprise for her when she learns she can be a parasol too by providing her friends with welcome shade from the hot sun.

The result is that everyone LOVES Una and follows her cool shadow around the garden.

However, Baby Duck isn’t happy because the hot sun has dried up the duck pond. Una and her friends to the rescue…but how?

Name Meaning: Una is an Irish language name. Derived from the Irish word ‘Uan’ (lamb). Una might also mean “the personification of truth, beauty, and unity”Una Wikipedia

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