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This online kids book is all about Vera. And yes, she’s a Vacuum. A chapter from Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book  ‘Vera The Voracious Vacuum”.  Written & narrated by Jo Kemp

Vera the Voracious Vacuum - Written And Narrated By Jo Kemp

Vera the Voracious Vacuum. Written & narrated by Jo Kemp

Online Kids Books Vera The Voracious Vacuum

Vera The Voracious Vacuum, An Online Kids Book

This online book is all about Vera and yes, she’s a vacuum cleaner.

“Look out! Stand back! Vera’s on a mission!!”

That’s the cry that went up as soon as the VROOOOOMMM sound was heard charging up the hall.

Vera had a voracious (VOR-RAY-SHUSH is how you say it), a voracious appetite for cleaning – for hoovering everything up – meaning that nothing in her path was safe.

“She can’t get me!” boasted Benny the book worm from up on the ceiling.

Online Kids Books, Vera The Voracious Vacuum Page 1


But quick as a flash, out came an attachment and Benny got sucked up her hose.

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“You can’t do that!” spluttered Boris the book clutching his jacket taking refuge in the back of the bookcase.

“Free Benny!” he called but Vera didn’t hear him.

She didn’t hear anything and had already gone in search of more things to devour.

She vacuumed up Freddie the fly who was just flying by.

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And she vacuumed up Carlos the cactus and despite him being so prickly, didn’t feel a thing.

Things were getting so bad a meeting was called under the stairs.

 “This has to stop!” said Boris “Already there’s hardly any of us left!”

“It only a matter of time,” chipped in Alice the alarm clock because with Alice it was always a matter of time.

Fedora, the pretty pink flamingo, had an idea. “We must get Vera to go into the garden then we can shut her in the shed.”

“But how?”

Fedora wouldn’t say but she did say they’d need Crankworth the cat – or rather his tail – to lure Vera into the garden.

And so, they made a plan.

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They’d invite Crankworth to chase the House Mites into the garden just as Vera came into the hall…

Online Kids Books, Crankworth The Cat


“You want me to do WHAT?” said Crankworth.

“We want you to chase the House-Mites into the garden,” explained Fedora, “But only when I give you the word.”

“Oh, I’m always happy to do that!” grinned Crankworth wickedly thinking of lunch. “I wonder if I can eat more than six?”

Just as planned, Vera came into the hall and, just as planned, she saw Crankworth’s long stripy tail. “I’ll have that…” she thought.

“LUNCH!” shouted Fedora right on cue, and up jumped the House-Mites who ran into the garden.

Crankworth ran after them and Vera ran after Crankworth, but this is when the plan went wrong…

Crankworth WASN’T supposed to capture all the House-Mites.

Vera WASN’T supposed to then vacuum up Crankworth.

Online Kids Books, Crankworth The Cat Running

It was a complete disaster and what’s more…Vera was STILL looking around for more things to hoover up.

Online Kids Books, Vera Queenie Elsie elephant and fedoras legs


“Oh dear…” whimpered Fedora as Vera got her in her sights and was about the hoover poor Fedora up when Elsie stepped between them.

“Bet you can’t eat an elephant…” she said.

“Bet you I can.” replied Vera.

Queenie the quilt came over to watch and smiled at Elsie. “Off you go,” she said and winked as Vera turned her power to max and started work.


At first, Elsie didn’t budge but then bit-by-bit she started disappearing as Vera got bigger and bigger

Soon Elsie was gone.

And with Elsie now inside her along with everyone else, Vera was even bigger than HUGE and fell on her back groaning.

“Please help me,” she said.

“My pleasure,” replied Queenie and removed her hat-pin.


Online Kids Books, Vera The Voracious Vacuum Page 5


Vera exploded and out fell Benny, Freddie, Carlos, Crankworth, All of the House-Mites and, last of all, Elsie.

“I told you, you couldn’t eat an elephant,” said Elsie.

“Oh, but I did,” corrected Vera, “But I promise, never ever again!”

The end

Online Kids Books From The BoodleBobs, Vera the Voracious Vacuum was written & narrated by Jo Kemp

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About Vera The Voracious Vacuum

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V is for Vera: Vera the Voracious Vacuum
Voracious… VOR-RAY-SHUSH. What a fantastic word to use especially if you’re under eight years old!

In this story it means wanting or devouring great quantities so, for example, if you have a VOR-RAY-SHUSH appetite it just means you’re capable of eating loads!

Vera has a VOR-RAY-SHUSH appetite for cleaning. Nothing in her path is safe as VROOOOOOOOM!! she dashes around stopping at nothing.

She hoovers up Benny, Freddie and the House-Mites to name but a few but the big question is….can she manage an elephant?

Name meaning: Vera is a Russian name and means “Truth or Faith”  Vera Wikipedia

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