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Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin – Free Books For Kids

This free books for kids is all about Glenda and yes, she’s a gherkin. Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet story  ‘Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin”.  Written & narrated by Jo Kemp

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Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin. Written & narrated by Jo Kemp

Free Books For Kids - Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin

Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin, A Free Books For Kids

A free book for kids all about Glenda and yes, she’s a gherkin.

Free Books For Kids, Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin Page 1 BoodleBobs

Free Books For Kids, Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin – Page 1

A gherkin is a kind of cucumber who likes a jar and is usually pickled; Glenda was one such gherkin. Fun, funny and highly sociable.

In other words, she was GREGARIOUS (GREE-GAIR-RE-OSS is how you say it). She had a reason to climb out of her jar every morning and that reason was to meet more FRIENDS!

“Come on girls,” she’d say to her sisters, “It’s far too nice to be stood up in bed all day”

But her sisters just pressed their noses to the jar and yawned.

Glenda was such a ‘morning’ person.

“Let’s DO something today,” she urged.

“Okay, off you go then,” chorused her sisters and therein lay the problem.

Glenda, being so gregarious, couldn’t bear to go anywhere on her own.

Free Books For Kids, Glenda Sisters Pickle Jar

But then she saw Spicer the spider dribbling a ball. “Fancy a bit of a kick about?” he asked.

Free Books For Kids Glenda Story - Spicer spider fedora flamingo playing football

Free Books For Children, Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin – Page 2

“Not really,” she replied, “It wouldn’t be fair when you have eight legs and I only have two but if we could even up the leg count, then maybe I might”.

So, while Glenda went off to round up her sisters, Spicer rounded up Fedora, the pretty pink flamingo. She had two very long legs!

They counted each teams’ legs. Glenda with her four sisters totalled ten legs and Spicer with his eight and Fedora’s two, totalled ten legs as well.

‘Let the game begin!” And someone somewhere blew a whistle.

Free books for kids Glenda Story Seagull

It was an odd game of football. Spicer had the ball most of the time – well he had most of the legs – and Glenda’s sisters could help standing shoulder to shoulder in goal. It seemed old habits die hard.

Free Books For Kids, Glenda Gerkin Sisters In a Goal

Free Kids Books, Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin – Page 3

Then Fedora tripped and in doing so, gave the ball a hearty kick.

“Hooray!” shouted someone and began chanting.

The ball shot off through the rhododendrons and through the open door of the potting shed. “I’ll get it!” volunteered Glenda chasing after it.

Free Books For Kids, Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin Page 3 Dark Shed BoodleBobs

It was very dark inside the shed. And then something dreadful happened…

The door creaked and slammed shut.

Glenda was ALONE, locked in the shed.

Meanwhile, everyone wondered where Glenda had gone? “Maybe she didn’t want to play anymore?” suggested her sisters hopefully.

Spicer was more concerned about his ball!

Story Books Online Fedora The Pink Flamingo

“I’ll go and look for her,” called down Fedora.

Glenda trembled, as she stood alone in the potting shed. She was frightened because she was ALONE!

Free Books For Kids, Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin Page 4 Alone In The Dark BoodleBobs

Children’s Free Book – Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin – Page 4

“Personally, I think it’s nice to have a bit of ME time,” tweeted a little voice suddenly.

Glenda looked around and couldn’t see anyone. “I’m here,” said the voice, “I’m here sitting on your shoulder.”

Glenda turned her long neck sideways and yes, there he was. A little Blue Bird sitting on her shoulder “Where did you come from?” she asked, relieved to have a friend.

Story books online - Little Blue Bird

“Oh, I’m always around somewhere,” he replied. “You must never think you’re alone because everyone has a Blue Bird.”

Free Books For Kids, Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin Page 5 BoodleBobs

Free Books For Kids Online, Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin – Page 5

Just then the door creaked open and Fedora poked her head inside. “Oh, there you are!” she exclaimed.

Glenda was so happy to be out in the sunshine again.

The game was over, and Spicer had gone home for his tea, so she told her sisters all about the little Blue Bird.

“Look,” she said, “He’s sitting on my shoulder.”

The sisters looked. But couldn’t see any sign of the little Blue Bird.

“How odd?” thought Glenda. She could see him plain as day, but they couldn’t.

“Not to worry,” she smiled as she watched the Blue Bird flutter around her.

Free Books For Kids, Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin Page 6 BoodleBobs

It didn’t really matter if her sisters could see him or not. What mattered was that she could.

And she knew from that day on that if she ever felt alone or felt afraid, the little Blue Bird would be right there with her.

“Even when I’m in a pickle…” she thought.

And that was quite funny coming from a gherkin!

The end

Free Book’s For Kids  From The BoodleBobs, Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin written & narrated by Jo Kemp

About Glenda The Gregarious Gherkin

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G is for Glenda: Glenda the Gregarious Gerkin
Being fun-loving and highly sociable, Glenda can only be described as GREGARIOUS. Isn’t that a FANTASTIC word to use!

Being bored standing up in bed all day – Glenda lives with her sisters in a jar with standing room only – she likes to get out and about and what better way to enjoy exercise than by having a friendly game of football.

However, it isn’t that easy with such an eclectic mix of characters so to make the teams fair, it all comes down to a leg count. All is going well until Glenda gets locked in the shed…

Name Meaning: Glenda – from Welsh word, glân, meaning ‘pure, clean, holy’, and da, meaning ‘good’) More Glenda on Wikipedia

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