Books Bedtime stories for children to download.  Boodlebobs, a set of  26 short stories for kids from children’s author Jo Kemp.   Please visit our main bedtime story page.


Bedtime Stories, Short Story For Kids

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BEDTIME STORY, SHORT STORIES FOR KIDS Bedtime Story, Boodlebobs short stories for kids are a collection of short 6-minute bedtime stories from children's author Jo Kemp.  Content creation and web, by Luke Kemp  Free bedtime stories, to download as a PDF or MP3 Podcast. BEST

Morris the Messy Mop Children’s Book

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Children's Book, Morris the Messy Mop Read aloud book. This story is all about Percy. And yes, he’s a pot plant. BoodleBobs 11 "Percy The Peeping Pot Plant" written & narrated by Jo Kemp Morris the Messy MopSponsorship Info

Short Stories – Nigel The Niggly Napkin

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Short Stories, Nigel The Niggly Napkin Short stories for children. This story is all about Nigel. And yes, he’s a napkin. BoodleBobs 07 "Nigel The Niggly Napkin" written & read-aloud by Jo Kemp     Nigel The Niggly Napkin

Kids Bedtime Stories, Queenie The Quivering Quilt

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Kids Bedtime Stories - Queenie The Quivering Quilt Kids bedtime stories.  This story is all about Queenie and yes, she’s a quilt. BoodleBobs 06 'Queenie The Quivering Quilt" written & narrated by Jo Kemp Queenie The Quivering Quilt Sponsorship Info 

Kids Short Story, Cameron The Courageous Cabinet

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Kids Short Story, Cameron The Courageous Cabinet Kids short story. This short story is all about Cameron. And yes, he’s a cabinet. BoodleBobs 05 "Cameron The Courageous Cabinet" BoodleBobs short stories for kids written & narrated by Jo Kemp Cameron