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British author Jo Kemp

Jo Kemp is a British author who wrote the original scripts for ‘Chorlton and the Wheelies’ and ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’.

She went on to produce over 100 episodes of ‘The Raggy Dolls’ for Yorkshire TV through her own film production company.

Boodle Books first appeared in the 1980s and were taken up by Thurman Publishing of ‘Mr Men’ fame who published six titles.

Boodle Books became BoodleBobs and 2021 saw the release of Granny Annies Ultimate Alphabet Book containing the completed 26 stories.

Released on-line with cartoons, audiobooks and print media Jo narrates the stories providing the voice for Grannie Annie.

Her latest work ‘The Hourglass’ is the first in a series of fantasy books.

Luke Kemp - BoodleBobs - SEO-Hampshire

Web Developer / Content Creator – Luke Kemp

Luke Kemp (Jo’s son) can take much of the credit for this website and Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book being a lifelong fan of his mum’s work. As a child living in Manchester, Luke would listen to the stories Jo made up and these made a lasting impression on him.

Fast forward a few decades and now as a content creator/web developer, Luke pressed Jo to complete all 26 (A-Z) BoodleBobs stories. But when the project started, and with little budget to speak of, Luke had no idea how many hats he’d (ultimately) end up wearing. Concept design, illustration, animation, sound production, content creation and web development. Not just for one but for all 26 stories.

It’s fair to say that along the way BoodleBobs has had its fair share of setbacks but with persistence and an unwavering belief in the stories he loved as a child, the project has reached fruition with Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book.

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Hourglass Book Series

Jo Kemp (Granny Annie writer & voice) new sci-fi book.

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