Story Stories From The BoodleBobs Book Series

Stories From The BoodleBobs Presented By Granny Annie

Short stories for kids to read online.  Bedtime stories collection of 26 individual stories from ‘Grannie Annies Ultimate Alphabet Book’


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Bedtime Stories - Andre The Artistic Apron Book

Andre The Artistic Apron

This is a story all about Andre and yes he’s an apron.

A For Andre
Bedtime Stories For Kids – Boris The Brainy Book

Boris The Brainy Book

This is a story all about Boris and yes he’s a book.

B For Boris
Kids Short Story - Cameron The Courageous Cabinet

Cameron The Courageous Cabinet

This is a storybook all about Cameron and yes he’s a cabinet.

C For Cameron

Full A To Z List Of Stories From Granny Annies Ultimate Alphabet Book

Story Stories From The BoodleBobs & Granny Annie

Who Are BoodleBobs Books?

Created by a mother and son team. The original 6 x books were first published in 1980 by Therman publishing and at her son’s insistence author Jo Kemp has completed the full set of 26 books and passed them on to her son Luke to make them available as Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book to buy in print or as free online mixed media.

Schools & Education

Homeschooling & resources for teachers, a number of the BoodleBobs books have already been translated into Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish. Throughout 2021 we will add additional translations as well as other fun educational resources.

Original Content

Original content.  As well as the 2021 release of two books that you will be able to buy in most stores ‘Hourglass’ & ‘Ultimate Alphabet Book’, all bedtime stories on this site are being animated again so they are suitable for a mixed audience setting.

Cartoons – Latest Stories From Granny Annies Ultimate Alphabet Book

Latest cartoons & stories from ‘Granny Annies Ultimate Alphabet Book’.   Set as unlisted on Youtube, these cartoons can only be found here.

More Granny Annie Cartoons Out Soon.

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Grannie Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book – Available To Buy In Print

26 x Stories, one for each letter of the alphabet.  Buy Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book

Granny Annie's Ultimate Alphabet Book
Granny Annie's Ultimate Alphabet Book - Details from Amazon
  • Price – $26.99 / £18.99
  • Genre – Children’s fiction
  • Ages – 4 to 90 :-)
  • Print length – 160 Pages
  • Language – English
  • Publication Date – 15th March 2021
  • Dimensions – 21.01 x 0.97 x 29.69 cm
  • Deliverd by – Amazon

Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book Description 

“WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF BIG WORDS and playfully encourage their usage”. Granny Annie

Granny Annie is mindful of all her readers including the adults who are often called upon to read the stories many times over.

So that everyone can enjoy the reading experience, the stories are funny and intriguing.

Children will easily relate to the humour leaving the adults to enjoy some of the more obscure references.

This is more than just an A-Z alphabet book. It’s written to encourage children to use their imaginations while expanding their vocabularies in a fun and creative way.

Every letter of the alphabet is catered for creating a family of lasting lovable characters that young (and older) readers can relate to in everyday life.


Granny Annies Ultimate Alphabet Book Reviews

Granny Annie's Ultimate Alphabet review score

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 April 2021

There’s something immensely satisfying about the letters of the alphabet. They offer no limit to literary invention, and to base a book on the twenty-six letters in the English language one can always be sure of one thing – that there is a beginning and an end, and how vital that is with a children’s story, be it read to them or by them!
GRANNY ANNIE’S ULTIMATE ALPHABET BOOK by JO KEMP is a set of very short stories about household objects, food, plants, and the occasional animal, which come to life and have adventures with each other. There’s a doughnut, an egg-timer, a frisbee and a gherkin.
There’s Katie the karate-kicking kettle, Morris the messy mop, Queenie the quivering quilt and Vera the voracious vacuum. But what about ‘X’ and ‘Z’?  Why Xavier the Xenophobic Xylophone and Zac the Zealous Zucchini of course!
For children, it’s an image-provoking joy of written or spoken word and sound – of course, a hosepipe is higgledy-piggledy and can be called Harry! And for their – sometimes “long-suffering” – parents, there’s an opportunity to chuckle at the more bizarre and surreal aspects such as Terence the terrible tap, the possible psychological repressions of Yousef the yearning yucca, or the aspirations of the household where Zac the zealous zucchini lives.

The title page reveals that the book was something of a labour of love. The author’s son, illustrator, designer, sound producer and animator, LUKE KEMP so enjoyed the stories of the handful of ‘letter’ characters his mother told him as a small child that he pressed her to complete all twenty-six, so – quite touchingly – here they are!

The large-format paper version which I have here contains competitions and educational details, then there’s the free download online, and the MP3 audiobook. The paper version is really something! For a start, – with the exception of title pages, all print is against a white background so everything’s super legible. The visuals are a combination of flat graphic cartoons with the occasional digitally manipulated photograph. Superb colour and print quality, so you get a real painterly range from flat subtle colour (not too garish) to realistic textured straw in a barn or the glistening glazed surface of a doughnut.
There’s even a small glimpse of a Michelangelo painting! A rich A to Z indeed!
Brooke Fieldhouse, Review on Amazon

Storybook Character Wiki

Discover the 100 or so storybook characters featured within Granny Annie’s Ultimate Alphabet Book. 26 Stories one for each letter of the alphabet

This wiki features character names, description and will include easter egg content, related links, downloads, educational resources and much more as this site grows.

Granny annie fairy boodlebobs story character wiki fairy



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